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  1. @giovanni in addition, if you've ever duplicated the workflow, make sure it as a proper "Bundle id" (right click the workflow name on the list -> Edit details). It should be "br.com.brunoc.dtpbrowser" or anything else unique. Alfred 4 goes crazy without a warning if there's no bundle id attributed to the workflow.

  2. On 9/8/2019 at 1:00 PM, nestorito said:

    Second this: I updated the search scope with the new metadata folder, but apparently nothing changed; I guess some of the scripts in the workflow should be updated? For example in the tell block I think know the name of the app is "DNtp"...what do you say @brunoc? 


    I've updated the scripts in December ‚Äď it should be working with DT3. Is it working for you guys?

  3. On 1/24/2020 at 3:26 PM, Jasondm007 said:

    @brunoc Thanks for sharing this workflow. It's fantastic - and has really improved my experience with DEVONthink! Thanks a ton!!


    Quick Question: Is it possible - either with some modifications to the "search groups" portion of the workflow or by creating a new action - to include Global Smart Groups? I use these a ton, and would love to quickly access them in the same manner that your fantastic workflow does for normal groups.


    Thanks again!


    Hi @Jasondm007. Thanks for your feedback! Searching Global Smart Groups make perfect sense. I just have to figure a way to prevent this kind of choice in the "Move To..." file action. I'll give it some thought soon... 


    Please note that the particular workflow I shared, differently from the one you mentioned (DEVONthink Search), was intended to look only for DEVONthink Groups (not the files inside them). It was actually designed to complement it (I use it a lot too!). One further and important remark, though: any of these workflows will need a DEVONthink "PRO" license to fully operate because AppleScript is required. This is the case with the dknd trigger in the DEVONthink Search workflow (but not with dnk, which simply uses Alfred's internal file search mechanism with Spotlight indexed files). Finally, make sure you have your databases indexed if you want to use this latter workflow (Database properties -> Create Spotlight index).



  5. @nestorito thank you for your excellent insights! 


    I've made a big redesign of the workflow. I've learned a lot in the process about Alfred's tricks ‚Äď and also became acquainted with a¬†few of its bugs ?.


    Good news: not only we've got a "Move To" file action, with the ability you suggested to browse inside groups (by holding SHIFT), but also a handy capability of creating new groups in the way (with the CMD modifier). Last but not least, there's now great flexibility for configuring (multiple) databases.


    I think the workflow is now much less idiosyncratic and can do far more than just accessing "Active Projects". That's why a decided to change the name of the project to "DEVONthink Browser".




  6. Olá, @nestorito !


    This is a nice idea. I changed the workflow so now we have a "Move to Active Projects" file action. As an extra, an x-devonthink-item URL for the imported file is copied to the clipboard ‚Äď which you may use to paste a link on a task manager or whatever.


    The setup has changed: you must now set the name of your database by clicking the "Configure workflow and variables" icon (located on the top right of the workspace area). If you want to use it with multiple databases, simply duplicate the workflow and change the variable accordingly.


    Have fun!




  7. This workflow allows you to browse works and passages from Diogenes ancient texts databases.


    It requires Diogenes to be installed and running.


    If Diogenes server is running at a location other than "http://localhost:8888", please click the "Configure workflow and variables" icon (on the top right of the workflow area), and change the variable base_url.


    You may also choose which databases to enable (TLG and the PHI Latin Corpus come enabled by default).


    You may download the workflow from here.



  8. Hello, @Philip Venema!


    We can adapt the script to reiterate over groups, but I think it can get rather slow. In my case, I don't find it very useful, as most of my sub-groups get similar names (by using DTP templates for conferences, projects, classes etc.).


    Anyway, if you really want to try it, see the script below. I filtered Tags and Trash groups in order to make it a little faster.


    Also notice you can create multiple triggers in your Alfred workflow with the same "dtp" keyword. This is how I manage working with multiple "Active Projects" databases. I don't think you should do it for all your databases (including Archives for instance) as this could get really slow!



    property pstrDatabaseName : "Projetos Ativos" -- set the name of your database here
    set lstGroups to {}
    tell application id "com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2" to set tagsGroupUUID to the uuid of tags group of database pstrDatabaseName
    tell application id "com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2" to set trashGroupUUID to the uuid of trash group of database pstrDatabaseName
    on reiterateOnGroup(theRec)
    	tell application id "com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2"
    		repeat with r in every child of theRec
    			if (type of r is group) and uuid of r is not in {my tagsGroupUUID, my trashGroupUUID} then
    				set the end of my lstGroups to {name of r, "x-devonthink-item://" & the uuid of r}
    				my reiterateOnGroup(r)
    			end if
    		end repeat
    	end tell
    end reiterateOnGroup
    tell application id "com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2"
    	set rootRec to root of database pstrDatabaseName
    	my reiterateOnGroup(rootRec)
    end tell
    set jsonOutput to "{\"items\": ["
    repeat with i from 1 to length of lstGroups
    	set {strGroupName, strId} to item i of lstGroups
    	if i > 1 then
    		set jsonOutput to jsonOutput & ", "
    	end if
    	set jsonOutput to jsonOutput & "{\"uid\":\"" & strId & "\", \"title\":\"" & strGroupName & "\", \"arg\":\"" & strId & "\"}"
    end repeat
    set jsonOutput to jsonOutput & "]}"


  9. https://github.com/brunocbr/dtp-browser-workflow


    This is a workflow for quickly searching and accessing group records in DEVONthink databases. It also implements a "Move to DEVONthink" file action, copying a link to the clipboard.


    Use the SHIFT modifier to browse inside groups, and CMD to create a new subgroup.


    The workflow may be configured according to your needs and the structure of your databases (please take a look at the configuration by clicking the "Configure workflow and variables" icon at the top right of the workspace). Out of the box, it will search top-level groups in all databases.


    Updated in late 2019 to work with DEVONthink 3.




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