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    brunoc got a reaction from dgbeecher in DEVONthink Browser & File Action   
    @dgbeecher thanks for your feedback! 
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    brunoc reacted to dgbeecher in DEVONthink Browser & File Action   
    Wow, this workflow is amazing. I switched to Alfred (from Quicksilver!) back in 2015, mainly because I saw the potential for using it with DTPO. None of the Alfred/DTPO workflows available then satisfied me, I couldn't figure out how to make one myself, and I eventually gave up on linking my two favorite apps. What you've made is exactly what I've wanted all these years. Thank you!! (And thanks also for the Keyboard Maestro macro, which is a great way to keep the cache updated.)
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    brunoc reacted to foogywoo in Homekit workflow   
    A workflow to trigger Homekit scenes and accessories. 

    Download: https://github.com/foogywoo/HKAlfred/raw/master/distribution/HomeKit.alfredworkflow
    Github: https://github.com/foogywoo/HKAlfred
    Downside: Homekit still being a private framework on macos SIP needs to be disabled for it to work.
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    brunoc reacted to deanishe in Starting a background process?   
    That's not really true. It's perfectly possible to run a background process from within an Alfred script. You just have to be sure that any subprocesses you want to background also disconnect from the parent STDOUT and STDERR, as Alfred won't consider a subprocess finished while one of them is still open.
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    brunoc reacted to lutefish in DEVONthink Browser & File Action   
    Just moved from years of being a devout Evernote user to DevonThink, and this workflow made that decision much easier. Cheers!
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    brunoc reacted to Cassady in DEVONthink Browser & File Action   
    Very useful - thank you for this workflow!
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    brunoc reacted to xilopaint in FineReader   
    Scan and convert PDF documents and images of text into editable and searchable files using FineReader with Alfred.
    Using file actions or hotkeys the user can convert one or more PDF documents and images of text (.png and .jpg) into searchable PDFs, Word documents (.docx) or Excel worksheets (.xlsx).
    Download from Packal
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    brunoc reacted to Ryan McGeary in Alfred Emoji: Search emojis by name or keyword   
    Search for emoji and copy them to the clipboard ?.

    Download v1.8.1 (2019-09-27)
    emoji [query] Press [return] (↵): Copy the symbol of the selected emoji (e.g. ?) to your clipboard. Press [alt]+[return] (⌥↵): Copy the code of the selected emoji (e.g. `:rofl:`) to your clipboard. Press [cmd]+[return] (⌘↵): Paste the code of the selected emoji (e.g. ?) to your frontmost application.  
    Automatic Updates:
    This workflow will automatically check for updates at most once per day. If a new release is found, it automatically downloads and installs the latest version of the workflow. All downloads come directly from official GitHub releases.
    Optional Hotkey and Snippet Triggers:
    Customize the workflow with either a custom hotkey or a custom snippet.
    GitHub Project Download New Releases GitHub Issues - (please submit bug reports and feature requests here)  

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    brunoc reacted to deanishe in MailTo: Select multiple Contacts *and* Groups and compose in your favourite email app   
    2015-07-29: Version 2 released
    MailTo: Select multiple Contacts and/or Groups, and compose in your favourite email app
    Search your Contacts and compose an email to one or more recipients (or none) in your preferred email program. Also supports Groups.
    The main aim—versus Alfred's built-in, more comprehensive contact handling—is to make it fast and easy to select multiple recipients and especially groups.

    Search and add recipients from your Contacts database Send to Groups/Distribution Lists (they're the same thing) Also enter email addresses by hand Use any email client you want (uses system default as standard) Results prioritised by order of email addresses in Contacts Download/Installation
    Grab your copy from GitHub or Packal. Install in the usual fashion.
    Keyword is @
    @ + ENTER — compose a blank mail (no recipients) @ [part of name or email address] — search your Contacts for matches. You can also add email addresses not in your Contacts. ENTER/⌘+NUM — add selected email address to recipient list and go to email program TAB — add selected email address to recipient list and continue searching mailto — see and change current settings If you've entered an invalid email address, it will be removed from the recipient list when your email app is called. Supported apps
    In theory, MailTo should work with any email client (it uses the mailto: protocol).
    Tested and working with:
    Airmail 1 Airmail 2 Apple Mail Sparrow Thunderbird Postbox Airmail (email addresses only) Unibox MailMate Mailbox Beta (email addresses only) MS Outlook Google Chrome (if you've set a handler) Fluid single-session browsers Does not work with:
    Safari (it will just open your system default email client) More info
    Please see the documentation.
    Note on Groups
    When deciding which email address to use for members of Groups, MailTo will use the one you've specified, or then the primary email address for the contact (don't ask me how to set that; I haven't been able to figure it out), and then the first one in their list of email addresses.
    To specify which address to use for a contact in a Group, open Contacts and go to Edit > Edit Distribution List …
    Add recipient name when calling email client, i.e. "Bob Smith <bob.smith@example.com>" instead of just "bob.smith@example.com". 2013-11-01
    Add support for Groups Prioritise email addresses by primary status then order in Contacts Change ID (cache format has changed) Use MIT licence 2013-11-03
    Change config keywords to mailtoconf and mailtohelp so they don't get mixed in with search results from the default mailto action. 2013-12-03
    Properly format the mailto: URL so workflow works correctly with MailMate. 2013-12-06
    Added built-in, app-specific support for the email clients listed above. They should now work flawlessly without any need to edit settings. Note: the settings format has changed, so all your settings (yes, both of them) have been reset. There should be no need to edit them if you're using MailTo with your default system email client. 2014-03-24
    Fix plist parsing problems. 2014-09-13
    Add support for Mailbox Beta Add new keyword @ 2015-07-29
    Release V2 Supports more types of contact accounts Supports more email clients Users can add support for their own clients 2016-02-10
    Add support for MS Outlook Add support for Airmail 2 Remove duplicates based on name and email address
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    brunoc reacted to vdesabou in Spotify Mini Player: Control your Spotify library at your fingertips   

    Find all information on dedicated website: alfred-spotify-mini-player.com
    Follow on Twitter @TheMiniPlayer to get all news



    PS: If you have a problem with the workflow, do not spend time reading the forum post, the workflow has been rewritten many times! Follow instructions from here http://alfred-spotify-mini-player.com/articles/support/ instead
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    brunoc reacted to bevesce in Find and paste unicode symbols - arrow, triangles, greek and more   
    Find and paste unicode symbols. I included a lot of them, like really a lot, over 20k I think, but for me workflow works pretty fast.
    Symbol can be pasted as symbol (mh...), in html encoding, as python string and as unicode code point.
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