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  1. Okay, I did that and picked a year ago. When I restored it "recreated folders" because the path was different. I used the path you mentioned and found the preferences file there so I don't know what would have been different. I never changed anything. I looked at Time Machine path to the file and my current Alfred 4 path and they appear to be the same to me. As it turns out - it restored to an Alfred 3 directory. I then copied the preferences into the Alfred directory (as it turns out this is Alfred 4). Missing snippets and workflows are back! I can use a key combinati
  2. Sure can: 4.2.1 [1187] 10.13.6 High Sierra - I cannot update further due to age of iMac I don't know anything about "sync" of Alfred preferences. I don't think I've ever seen that. I use Time Machine. This Mac has consistently run perfectly for 10 years. In addition, I purchased PowerPack and it was also missing. I re-added my PowerPack license. No idea why that disappeared. Chris.
  3. I cannot say what led up to this but it seems like it was some Alfred update. All my snippets and preferences are either missing or reset. Furthermore, is there any place where the snippets might be saved so that I can recover them - same goes for other Alfred features that I have created and modified over the years. There has been no warning that I was going to lose everything...so what happened?
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