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  1. It would be nice if the alfred preferences window had a dark theme (especially considering the upcoming mojave update). Although, it seems simpler / more flexible if the themes feature in Alfred allowed the customization of the alfred preferences window. In particular it would be nice to have a dark theme for the snippets collection viewer. (it would also be nice to get syntax highlighting if you specify a language for a snippet collection / or snippet but that is probably a separate feature request).
  2. I've been using Alfred snippets quite a bit. One thing in particular thats bothered me is that AFAIK I'm unable to change the font used to display snippets in alfred preferences. I would like to change it to use a monospaced font like courier new. So I'm requesting Font Options in case to allow users to select the Font & Size that is used for snippets. (I'm currently satisfied with the size but maybe others want to change it).
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