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  1. I agree that CloudMonter was the likely culprit. Trying to set the sync folder to my Documents folder rendered Alfred unresponsive (it would hang and I couldn't access the preferences), so I just uninstalled it with AppCleaner. Started fresh with my sync folder in Documents, manually re-entered my custom searches and all is good! Thanks again for your time and help, Best, Alexis
  2. Hi Vero, Thank you for your response and suggestions! My Mac is shutdown on a daily basis without a change in Alfred behavior (my clean install actually goes back a few weeks - I just didn't have the time to address the problem). Regarding Dropbox, what you see is not the installer but my Dropbox volume which is mounted at startup with CloudMounter. My sync folder is indeed located on this volume. This is my only Mac so no conflict there - and the preferences certainly appear synced, my pre-clean install custom web searches all being there - images and all - and working fine via the test button (= I can access and edit them). It's really just the keywords that don't work anymore for some reason. Furthermore, the default Alfred workflows' keywords are not recognized either, nor new workflows' specifically imported to investigate the matter. On the other hand, default Alfred web searches work just fine. Please let me know if there's anything I can test further! Best, Alexis
  3. Hi all! Mega supporter since the beginnings and first time trouble Since a fresh 10.12.6 install, Alfred 3.4.1 doesn't seem to recognize anymore: - my custom web searches' keywords. Those web searches are simple and straightforward, have worked fine for ever, not been changed and! Still work with the 'test' button in edit mode. But typing a keyword in Alfred treats it like a random input (see example screenshot). The web searches are enabled. - any workflow keyword. Be it default, custom or freshly imported 3rd party (see example screenshot). The workflows are activated. Thank you very much for your time and help! Best, Alexis
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