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  1. @Vero I've gone through all the steps, and everything seems to be working now. I suspect I haven't had Terminal in Full Disk Access before, not entirely sure though. After the reindexing finished, and reloading alfred cache, I've managed to find every app I tried so far. Thanks
  2. I've started noticing Alfred not showing some apps in the results recently. Not sure what caused this, never noticed such problems that would not be fixable with `reload` command before. Beside `reload`ing, I've tried rebuilding macOS metadata, but to no avail... Is there anything I can do to pin down the issue / fix it? - Alfred version: 4.3.2 [1221] - macOS Catalina 10.15.7
  3. @deanishe I've just noticed there's something wrong with the years of publishing in the results - it shows 1970 on many (recent) books.
  4. Oh I see, thanks for the explanation
  5. Thanks, I guess the I was too impatient, and the first results list confused me - apparently there's a refetch after it recognizes the query is an author's name
  6. Awesome, thanks! would it be possible to search by author?
  7. Anybody got it working as of 2018? No luck here...
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