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  1. Just checking in again, Mojave has made Alfred significantly more annoying to use for me, pasting out of history (or a snippet) requires me to paste twice now, which I suspect is the OS refusing to give Alfred the access it used to have - unless that's a different issue?
  2. Hello! Yes, I have restarted a few times since I upgraded to Mojave. And no, I can't add any other apps to Accessibility, Full Disk Access, or Automation (though Alfred 4 is indeed showing up fine in Contacts, for example). Watching Console.app while trying to add Alfred to Accessibility I see this error, which seems like the problem. My sense looking at Apple's docs is that the app needs to make a request, which should prompt the OS to get confirmation from the user?
  3. Adding manually doesn't work for me, in either Full Disk Access or Accessibility. If I click the + button, or drag Alfred from Finder into the pane in System Prefs > Security & Privacy > Full Disk Access, I get the "Alfred.app will not have full disk access until it is quit" message, but if I quit and relaunch Alfred, nothing happens, and if I close and reopen the pref again, Alfred isn't in the list (in fact, nothing is in the list, Mojave won't let me add anything, apparently?) Has anyone else experienced this after upgrading to Mojave?
  4. KeePass has done some forking lately, if Alfred support were coming, I would vote for https://keepassxc.org/ (which would be lovely) -T.
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