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  1. Imo you can easily do that yourself - add a hotkey to the workflow, set "selection in OS X" as the argument and connect that with the script filter in Alfred.

    Ya, I figured that out just after I posted it. Turns out I don't need all that complexity. My own workflow is stupid simple:


    on alfred_script(q)
    tell application "Skype"
    	send command "CALL " & q script name "Call Skype"
    end tell
    end alfred_script
  2. Something like this could be done using the allareacodes.com api, but, getting back a city & state.... I don't know about because an area isn't tied to a city directly. For instance, I'm originally from MS and the 662 area code covers the entirety of north MS. 

    There's always at least one city tied to an area code.


    That API looks like it would work....I guess I will figure out if I can do it.



  3. Is there a workflow to look up area code? I tried searching in the forum but "area code" and "areacode" have no results and area code returns too many.


    I'm looking for one that just take a 3 digit area code and returns the city & state.


    I could probably cobble something together if there was an easy service to pull from, but I'd really rather not.

  4. I'd like to be able to call a contact via Skype.


    I see how I can pass the number to a URL, but how do I get the number in there. The URI scheme is skype:<number to call>?call


    How do I pass in the contact's number? What is the name of the parameter/variable.


    I searched the docs but didn't see anything.

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