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  1. Jakub Sypiański

    Custom keyboard layouts not supported?

    So I guess the answer is no? Are you aware of this problem at Alfred? What can be the reason of this strange behaviour?
  2. Dear Alfred, I often use Bépo keyboard layout (official website in French, Wikipedia in English). It seems that Alfred is not compatible with it (snippets and shortcuts don’t work). Is there a way to fix it? Cheers, Jakub
  3. Jakub Sypiański

    Toggle Do Not Disturb (w/ Yosemite Support)

    Yey, it works, thank you so much, Jkscx!
  4. Jakub Sypiański

    Toggle Do Not Disturb (w/ Yosemite Support)

    None of these versions is working for me. Sierra 10.12.6 in Polish with Bartender 2.
  5. Jakub Sypiański

    Bear workflow - search and create notes

    I tried both @chrisbro's and @guib's updates, but I still get this "no such table: ZSFNOTE" error