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  1. To search something in Alfred, either through "Web search" or using workflows we write `{prefix} {my query}`, for example `map Warsaw`. In most cases however it would be preferable to write `{my query} {suffix}`. The advantage is that it is much easier to change the decision about the suffix than about the prefix. So if I search `map Byzantium` and Google Maps can't find it, I can change my decision, invoke Alfred again, press ↑ and change the suffix of search engine just with few keystrokes. At the moment I have to press ↑, go to the beginning of the line and then change the suff
  2. Great workflow, thank you! It would be even more fantastic to have a version for Libgen's articles.
  3. Thank you. I know nothing about python (or programming) and I use terminal very occasionally, but I think I managed to install both pip and requests. However, I have got some errors and the following message in the debugger when I tried to run the workflow. 1. Errors about pip and requests. 2. Workflow's debugger
  4. Am I the only one for whom it doesn't work? Ulysses 15.2, Alfred 3.8.1, workflow 1.0.4. Edit: 1. What I wanted to achieve: to use any of the commands. 2. What happened instead: the error message above pasted, similar to those mentioned in posts from last year. 3. What does debugger show:
  5. I looked on the Internet and on the forum for "install requests (alfred workflow)", but I haven't figured out what it is that I should do. As for the debugger:
  6. Thank you for pointing it to me, I'm new. But I have no idea where to put it otherwise. There is no general Zotero-related thread. Should I create a new separate thread for this zotero-better-bibtex-alfred workflow?
  7. I guess this workflow is supposed to do what you (and me, actually), need. Unfortunately, it doesn't work for me.
  8. Thank you! I tried renaming the zipped repo to _.alfredworkflow_, but I haven't figured out that I need to extract and rezip it first. What a pity the workflow itself turns out not to work...
  9. I found a workflow on github that I desperately need, but it is not an .alfredworkflow file. What should I do to install it?
  10. I have many many custom Web Searches added. It would be very useful to be able to organise them in Alfred into folders in exactly the same way as we can do with Snippets.
  11. I'm trying to add text selection as input to the workflow, but my skills seem to be too basic. Is it possible to do it?
  12. Thank you for this fantastic Workflow. In my case however it works only partially. The query is parsed in Alfred in the actions' window, but I cannot get Alfred to display anything in this dark big HUD through ⌘⏎ or ⇧⏎.
  13. So I guess the answer is no? Are you aware of this problem at Alfred? What can be the reason of this strange behaviour?
  14. Dear Alfred, I often use Bépo keyboard layout (official website in French, Wikipedia in English). It seems that Alfred is not compatible with it (snippets and shortcuts don’t work). Is there a way to fix it? Cheers, Jakub
  15. None of these versions is working for me. Sierra 10.12.6 in Polish with Bartender 2.
  16. I tried both @chrisbro's and @guib's updates, but I still get this "no such table: ZSFNOTE" error
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