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    Jakub Sypiański got a reaction from defmc in Parsers: Greek and Latin parser for Alfred   
    Thank you for this fantastic Workflow. In my case however it works only partially. The query is parsed in Alfred in the actions' window, but I cannot get Alfred to display anything in this dark big HUD through ⌘⏎ or ⇧⏎.
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    Jakub Sypiański reacted to deanishe in Option: suffixes instead of prefixes   
    @Jakub Sypiański I figured out where the icons are stored. Download the new version to see your search icons.
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    Jakub Sypiański reacted to Andrew in Custom keyboard layouts not supported?   
    Alfred fully relies on standard Apple APIs to obtain the key code / key mappings which are used when simulating key combinations.
    I've added a ticket to look into this more deeply, but I can't promise any timescales as this is the first time it's come up and it has to be treated as a corner case.
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    Jakub Sypiański reacted to Andy Matuschak in Ulysses workflow   
    @Jakub Sypiański I've been having the same problem for months. Ulysses changed their file format around the new year, and the workflow doesn't support the new one.
    I went ahead and added support this morning. I've opened a pull request with the change. You can subscribe to it here to know when it's been merged into the main workflow, or if you're able, you can run the updated workflow directly from my fork.
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    Jakub Sypiański reacted to deivuh in Distinguish left/right ctrl/cmd/alt keys   
    It would be great that setting the Alfred Hotkey would distinguish between the left and right keys. Some applications do, in my case I'm using Emacs and a default key binding is assigned to CTRL+SPACE (which I currently use for Alfred), I can set my Emacs binding as RIGHT_CTRL+SPACE, and setting Alfred's shortcut to LEFT_CTRL+SPACE would be ideal.
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    Jakub Sypiański reacted to deanishe in [SOLVED] Search Vivaldi bookmarks   
    Yeah, those are rather developer instructions, and not very clear if you don't already have a good idea what to do.
    I've built you a version of the workflow that supports Vivaldi bookmarks. It builds with support for every Chromium-based browser. After you install the workflow, you can delete the ones you don't want.
    I guess @Jakub Sypiański might like to have the workflow, too.
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    Jakub Sypiański got a reaction from CuteCat in Search Alfred Workflows (Alfred 4)   
    I've just realised that your screenshot doesn't show workflows' icons. Sorry, my bad. But I think it could be a nice addition to add them to the workflow, if possible. 
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    Jakub Sypiański got a reaction from deanishe in firefox bookmark search   
    @Gareth I don't like the way you present your arguments (also, you have no data to claim that people don't want themes, do you?), but you have a good point: the statistics of active browser users are potentially strongly biased. The impossibility to use the browser of choice due to Alfred's limitations definitely influences statistics. It would be interesting to find out which browsers Alfred users USE, but which they WOULD LIKE to use. However, I don't think that "Firefox: 5%" would suddenly become "People who'd love to use Firefox, but can't: 25%". Just because of the bookmarks?
    @deanishe Thank you for the answer. I can't wait to learn to make my own workflows, especially after discovering how supportive and dynamic is the the community here. But for now, I will try to forget how great it would be to have my Vivaldi bookmarks accessible through Alfred.
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    Jakub Sypiański reacted to Acidham in Search Alfred Workflows (Alfred 4)   
    Done and released on Git!
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    Jakub Sypiański reacted to Acidham in Search Alfred Workflows (Alfred 4)   
    @Jakub Sypiański got it! You mean you would like to see the icon of the workflow instead of the "hat" icon? Good idea, I will take a look at it...
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    Jakub Sypiański got a reaction from deanishe in Option: suffixes instead of prefixes   
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    Jakub Sypiański reacted to deanishe in Reporting Problems with Workflows   
    If you're having an issue with a workflow you've downloaded or one you're writing yourself, please follow these instructions. It will greatly increase your chances of getting a fast and useful response.
    It is extremely difficult to diagnose (let alone fix) a problem you're having unless we can reproduce it. If we can't, we're mostly just guessing.
    As such, it's very important that you provide what we need to do that, and post it in the right place. It can mean the difference between getting help within a few minutes and not getting it at all.
    Other people's workflows
    If you have an issue with a workflow you've downloaded, do the following:
    Make sure you're using the latest version of the workflow. The issue may have already been fixed, and it causes confusion if you are talking about a different version of the workflow to everybody else. Read the workflow's documentation and thread. If the workflow has documentation, read it. Find the workflow's thread and read at least the original post and the last few pages. It takes a few minutes, but it might take hours or days to get a reply on the forum. The lovely members of the Alfred community generously offer their software, expertise and limited time for free. Please respect that and avoid asking questions that are answered in the documentation or on the previous page of the thread. Do not start a new thread for your issue. It pollutes the forum, fragments the discussion, and depending on who wrote the workflow, the chances that the author will see your post range from excellent to almost zero. Instead, find the workflow's thread and post your issue in there. That way, the author (and other users of the workflow) will be notified of your post, and they're the best people to answer your question. If the workflow doesn't have a thread, it's likely the author isn't a forum member, and there's probably a better place to raise your issue (e.g. a GitHub issue if you got the workflow from GitHub). Provide a meaningful error. We can't diagnose a problem from "it's not working" or a screenshot of an error message in Alfred. Be specific. Use Alfred's debugger and post the output. If the workflow has a log file, include its contents, too (unless they're exactly the same as the debugger's). Remove any private data from debugger/log output before posting. You don't want to post your API keys or passwords on a public forum. Explain what you were doing. What did you click? What did you enter in Alfred? What did you expect to happen? What happened instead?  
    Your own workflows
    If you're having a problem with a workflow you're writing, post the actual, non-working workflow. Upload it somewhere (Dropbox?) and post a link.
    Screenshots and code snippets are not enough. If we can't replicate the problem by running the workflow, we can only guess at what might be wrong. It is unreasonable to expect us to try to recreate your workflow from a code snippet simply in order to help you.
    Post the broken workflow, so we can run it ourselves. It saves everybody's time.
    In addition, you should also post:
    The version number of: Alfred macOS The version of any non-system language you're using (e.g. nodejs) The version of any non-system programs you're using (e.g. ffmpeg or youtube-dl) if they aren't bundled in your workflow Any changes you've made to your macOS environment (e.g. via launchctl setenv) or the language you're using (e.g. via Python's usercustomize.py or sitecustomize.py files)

    It might not seem relevant, but if your workflow isn't working and you don't know why, you're likely not in the best position to determine what's relevant and what isn't.
    So just post the lot. It'll help you get an answer faster.
    Thanks to @vitor and @phyllisstein, whose earlier posts on reporting issues were consolidated into this one.
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    Jakub Sypiański reacted to Jkscx in Toggle Do Not Disturb (w/ Yosemite Support)   
    I tried making something myself and it works successfully on El Capitan 10.11.6 with Bartender 2.  Should work on any Mac (with or without Bartender) as long as Apple doesn't change the Notification Center plist location (I think...).
    I got the code from this StackOverflow answer and converted it into a simple Alfred workflow. Here it is if you want to give it a try  
    PS. It doesn't need to have Accessibility enabled which is a nice bonus.
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