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  1. In Contacts, I use the Skype field to store peoples' Windows domain account names (as there just aren't any better options for that value...) Currently, I have a custom action set up on that field to view that account in the corporate directory. I'd like to set up an alternate action (say, actioning while holding Option) to open that account's WebEx personal meeting room (which is a URL that is generated from the users' domain account.) So far as I can tell, this is currently impossible. Please add a feature to be able to have different custom actions invoked based on which modifier keys are being held down. Thank you. Update: It looks like this can maybe be done using a workflow. I can't seem to find a way to change the flow from the Contact Action based on modifier keys, though. "Keyword" inputs have a little bubble on their outputs to set modifier key filters, but the outputs from Contact Actions don't have those bubbles.
  2. With a newly opened Alfred prompt, one can press the up arrow to cycle back through previous inputs to Alfred (like you would on the UNIX command line). However, I often overshoot, and need to move back in the other direction. On the UNIX command line, one just presses the down arrow for that. This doesn't work in Alfred, though. Is there a keystroke or some other way I'm overlooking to move forward in history in Alfred? So far as I can tell, all I can do is escape out, open a fresh Alfred prompt, and be more careful this time. Thanks!
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