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  1. Thanks for the information.
  2. I’ve been wondering about the PP and Alfred for some time and I’ve watched a number of videos on YouTube trying to understand it, but I’m torn and I’m hoping that a couple of people will chime in with their thoughts. Does my usage of Alfred warrant purchasing the Powerpack? I don’t code I’m on my computer all the time for work and pleasure I've just started using it for opening web pages Open > Workout Tracker mu > Amazon Music cn > cnn sub > teaching jobs tv > Xfinity I’ve just learned and I’m sure I’ll love drive > [filename] find > [filename] in > [keyword] I don’t know what Web bookmarks is and what it can do with it Clipboard history is mentioned in all the videos but I’m not sure if I’d use it much I use System Preferences for keyboard shortcuts - is that what Snippets does? bc = because Spt = Spotify I think using it for Contacts would be nice I’m use 1Password multiple times a day I’ll never use Terminal I think Workflows is more of a coder add-on but I’m not sure Based on this my usage and understanding of Alfred, what are our thoughts on the PP for me? Thanks for your help. Chip
  3. Thanks. I appreciate the help.
  4. Ah, ok. How about calendar? How do I use Alfred to search for something in Calendar? When I open my Alfred search bar and want to open a file, I type Open and hit space and then type my file name. It looks like if I want to search for something in Contacts, Bookmarks, Calendar, etc., I type In but that doesn't seem to get me anywhere. If I put a space after it, it opens up my Finder, if I type, say, Verizon, I see some pdfs for past Verizon orders. Any help here is apprecited. Chip
  5. I'm just starting to see that Alfred is more powerful than I realized. But, I'm a bit overwhelmed by the preference panel - there's a lot of stuff there with boxes to check and uncheck. My question is about searching for something in my email. I've got this set up to check in my email whatever I'm asking of it, but I've tried opening it and typing in a word/phrase that I know exists in an email, but it's not working how I thought it would. What do I type in my Alfred search bar to check in emails? Thanks. Chip
  6. @Vero Thank you. I'll work on it using your instructions. Chip
  7. I have a file called WO 2019. I'm not using WO 2018 anymore, but this is the one that Alfred always suggests when I type "Open WO." It's a file I open almost daily and I thought maybe I had to "train" it to know what I'm looking for, but we're eight days in to the New Year and it still doesn't recognize the file. Is there something I can do to get Alfred to forget WO 2018 and turn its attention to WO 2019? Thanks. Chip
  8. @Vero That worked. Thank you for helping with my problem. Chip
  9. @Vero Yes, I did type Reload to refresh the cache, I just forgot to mention it. This is what is appearing in my window of the metadata tool. /Applications/Evernote.app Internal File Metadata ====================== Display Name: Alt Names: File Type: Comments: Keywords: Last Used: Raw mdls File Metadata ======================
  10. No luck. I both clicked on the + to add the Applications folder (and then the - to remove it) and I dragged and dropped it into the Privacy tab of Sys Prefs. When I type "Open Evernote" into Alfred, it takes me to the three Default options: Google, Amazon, and Wikipedia. You'll see that my Alfred Preferences in the image below. I tried loading a picture of my Search Scope but I've run out of space. However, it reads just like yours here: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/troubleshooting/indexing/ Any other ideas?
  11. Something happened the other day and I am no longer able to open Evernote using Alfred. I keep Evernote in my Applications folder. When I use Spotlight to look for the file, I get the following screenshot, but as you can see in the second screenshot, it does live in the Applications folder. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. Chip Evernote 6.12 OS 10.12.6 Alfred 3.4.1
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