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  1. Thank you! This is a great replacement for the unmaintaned safari tabs one I had for ages! I'd love to know if it's possible to grab the favicons as well? That would make this amazing, but even without it's amazing
  2. Can confirm this solution, had the same thing happen, unticked and then ticked back the checkbox at the search scope that says "Folders in Home" And it now works like it used to! Thanks @DvZ !
  3. @GuiB I... didn't know preview could do that. Which is awesome since it has a shortcut (cmd+N) So the flow now is like so : I open Preview. I open clipboard history and find the image I want to "export" to a file. I hit return to put this image back into my mac clipboard. (Nothing happens visually, but the image is restored in my clipboard) I hit CMD + N (new from clipboard) and save the image. It's only slightly better then pasting into Github, but I'll take it!
  4. Adding a reply to an old thread, tyring to bring this back in 2018! I'm still doing this, but I'm doing this through github, which is pasting the image from clipboard, waiting for it to upload and then right click and save. Would still love the option to be able to save/share the clipboard image (like the file actions work with a right arrow)
  5. Just saw this, was suffering from slow locks for a while and only now when somebody else upgraded to High Sierra was I led to a search and a fix! +1 on adding this to the default behavior if it's "allowed" by apple.
  6. It would be very cool if I could save the screenshots I take with cmd+shift+ctrl+4 that are stored in Alfred clipboard history. Currently the only way for me to do that is to paste it somewhere (like github comments) and then download the image
  7. I thought about having a toggle, and came to a conclusion that it's going to be weird. I'l explain. I really wanted alfred remote, for the situations where I'm in my bed already, and then I hear notifications from the mac, and I don't want to get up and mute it. So I mad this workflow. The problem with having a mute toggle, is that you don't have feedback, and I don't think it's possible to change the icon based on if you're currently muted or not. So potentially, if you mute and unmute, you can get lost and don't know if you are muted currently or not, which you will find out only if another sound comes from the mac. So unless I can somehow change the icons based on the response, I think having two separate buttons for mute/unmute is better(atleast for my case) What do you think?
  8. I guess great minds think the same, I wrote a remote workflow and submitted to packal (waiting to get approved) that will control the volume on your mac http://www.packal.org/workflow/remote-volume-control
  9. Looks like you need to click "call"everytime you do this, which kinda beats the purpose of using alfred to do it...
  10. I was super pleasantly surprised that drag + drop works from inside Alfred window. Making my workflows a breeze when I want to put a file inside say gmail. One problem is, I need to first open a gmail window, and then search for the file. A lot of times, I fist search the file, then open the gmail window, then search for the file again to drag&drop it. I tried to buffer the file before, so when I next open Alfred, I won't have to search the file again. This didn't seem to work. Please consider adding this awesome feature to Alfred as well. So I can save files to buffer, and then drag and drop out of the buffer.
  11. Sorry for the late reply...It puts they apps there to differentiate between apps you installed personally. And to prevent "overrides". Also I think that putting apps in /Applications requires permissions. But not sure
  12. Fixed and updated in Packal http://www.packal.org/workflow/install-mac-apps @pauliw let me know if works for you now (v1.3)
  13. Weird as hell! Works on my build server fine, filters and everything... I think it's a mac update issue, investigating. Thanx for notifying me
  14. First of all GREAT WORKFLOW! Feature request (don't know if at all possible), is there a chance to show the blue arrows on the fly? (like apple does when I search via the help->search mechanism)
  15. I wrote an workflow for those who don't want to use casks, but is based on it. http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/2680-search-download-and-install-mac-apps/ just "install spotify" and it downloads it from casks repo, unzips mounts and install spotify to your Applications folder
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