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  1. Hi all, I may be missing something easy in the default search or workflows, but I'd like to type the name of a document into Alfred which would pass the search to finder using 'name:documentname' format. To be more clear, I want to see the results in Finder, not in the Alfred window. For example, If I have several drafts of a document called ''AlfredIsCoolv1', AlfredIsCoolv2', 'AlfredIsCoolv3', I'd like to type something like "Find AlfredIsCool" into Alfred and have all the documents containing this textstring show up in Finder. Now, I open finder, type in "name:AlfredIsCool" to get the results I want. Any help? Thanks!
  2. Yep, this is my plan -- I just want to highlight a hyperlink in Chrome, press a hotkey that copies the URL into the clipboard and runs this script: ADDCLIP=$(osascript -e "get the clipboard") open -g pocket://add?url=$ADDCLIP echo $ADDCLIP I thought it would be super straight-forward, but I can't find a way to copy just the URL. Standard ctrl-C copies the link text in the clipboard, not the link URL. In Safari, I could add a hotkey to the 'Share' menu item, but Chrome doesn't have this. Instead, Chrome has a 'Copy Link Address' menu item. (See attached tiny screenshots). Thanks, Charlie
  3. Still trying to figure this out. How about this work-around: Is there an script method of duplicating Chrome's "Copy Link Address" from the right-click menu? Thanks
  4. Hi all, I think this is probably simple, but is driving me crazy: I want to create a keystroke to add the url from a Gmail link to Pocket. I've tried both "Add URLs to Pocket" and "Pocket for Alfred" and neither does exactly what I need. "Add URLs" requires that I open the link or right click and "Copy Link Address" to get the URL into the clipboard before I save to Pocket. And "Pocket for Alfred" uses the Pocket website, not the Mac App. The Mac app adds a service to the right-click menu, called "Add to Pocket" but it adds the text not the link. I was hoping to just add a "copy link to clipboard" step to the 'Add URLs to Pocket' but can't figure out how to do it. Any help advice, comments, questions?
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