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  1. Thanks for the quick reply! I'll take a look at Eve, and doing a quicklook with a text file would also work too, I should have thought of that.
  2. I have a note in the macOS Notes app that I use to keep track of keyboard shortcuts for various apps. It seems like this is a growing list as I'm adding more and more for different apps. It would be really cool if I could type a shortcut into Alfred and it launched some sort of note that popped up a iist of my keyboard shortcuts for reference and then I could just escape out of the popup - instead of launching a separate app that I would need to quit. I hope that makes sense. Any ideas if something like this is possible? Does Alfred have native capabilities to display a text popup? And for the record I'm not suggesting that this "note" automatically tracks my keyboard shortcuts across apps, I'm just talking about a static list that I can edit and somehow easily call up with Alfred.
  3. That's exactly what I was looking for, thanks so much!
  4. Would there be a way to type an Alfred command that could list the active sound device, and change it to something else?
  5. I'm setting up a new Mac and Alfred isn't finding Word or Excel. PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook all work fine. But it doesn't matter if I type just 'Word' or 'Microsoft Word', Alfred won't find it and resorts to a Google search. Any ideas?
  6. I have 4 or 5 custom Microsoft Word templates. I'd like a workflow that shares the same keyword to launch them and allows me to select the specific template, instead of creating seperate workflows and keywords for each. For example I'd like to be able to type 'template' in Alfred and all 5 of my Word templates appear in the drop-down and I can just arrow down to the one I want. Anyone know how I could do this?
  7. I create sales related content that I need to email to various sales reps that I support. I'm looking to automate this. Ideally I'd like a workflow that allows me to: Select multiple files in Finder Execute the workflow and create a new Outlook email with those files attached Pre-populate the cc: field with 1 specific email address that won't change, but leave the to: field blank (I'll populate the to: line based on whoever I'm sending it to, but we have a shared mailbox that needs to be copied on this particular message) Pre-populate the Subject with pre-defined text Pre-populate the body with pre-defined text The actual email may still need a bit of tweaking based on the situation, but if I'm able to accomplish the above steps it would automate 90% of the task. But I'm new to Alfred and am struggling to figure out how to get started with this. Does anyone think this is possible, and if so, can you recommend how I'd get started?
  8. I have a few different Microsoft Org ID's for various Office 365 and Azure tenants (one of them is my "real" account provided by my work, and others are various demo / trial accounts). When I log into either the O365 or Azure portal, I'm presented with the list of saved usernames that I've used. I click the one I want, it populates the password, and I sign in. Is there anyway to automate this? For example I'd like a workflow where I can type "Azure xyz@contoso.com" and it launches the Azure portal and logs in with that username. But I'm not sure how to pass a username through. Any thoughts?
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