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  1. Hi @Benzi I also did a new version of ctwise's Menu Bar Search, but in plain ObjectiveC. I didn't know about your swift version. I'm using Alfred's Script Filter to do the filtering and I was wondering if I could use your swift code to do the menu scrapping and generate the output in Alfred's Script Filter JSON Format. I went to look for the menu.swift on github but it looks like it's no longer available. Is there any other repo where I can get the code? Cheers. Alejandro.
  2. ohhhh I probably wouldn't have done this new version if I knew about Benzi Ahamed's swift implementation. It's fast indeed. I think the sweet spot would be to have a swift version of the menu scrapper but let the Alfred's Script Filter do the filtering.
  3. Hi guys. I've created a new version of this workflow with some improvements. * Instead of a keyword I'm using a hotkey to trigger the workflow. I prefer CMD+SHIFT+SPACE but this is configurable. * Instead of filtering in ruby I'm using Alfred's Script Filter. * I've upgraded menudump to support Alfred's Script Filter JSON Format (https://github.com/ascandroli/menudump) * I'm using the new "match" field to match against parent menus too. (requires Alfred 3.5) Using Alfred's Script Filter JSON Format makes this workflow very fast. Please take a look and let me know what you think: https://github.com/ascandroli/menudump/releases/download/1.8.0/Menu.Bar.Search-v1_8.alfredworkflow Cheers. Alejandro.
  4. On b871 is working as expected. Many thanks @Andrew BTW, I'm also playing with the new "match" field, nice addition!!
  5. After upgrading from 3.4.1 to 3.5 b869 my script filter returns only one result per query.
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