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    rgrtht reacted to marlon in Super clean dark theme   
    Hey, sorry about that. I'm new to this and I thought by sharing it to Alfred, it gives everyone access to download it as well. Can you let me know if this works: Vendra ?
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    rgrtht got a reaction from rurza in Super clean dark theme   
    Very polished and attractive theme, dude - one of the best I've seen. I'm probably being dense, but, er... how to download it?😬
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    rgrtht reacted to marlon in Super clean dark theme   
    Just wanted to make a super clean dark theme. Enjoy!

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    rgrtht reacted to Andrew in The State of Alfred Remote app   
    When Alfred Remote 2 comes out, it'll be a free upgrade for Alfred Remote 1 users
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    rgrtht reacted to AlexMartinFR in Mojave Accented Dark & Light Themes Collection + Theme Switcher Workflow   
    August 2020 edit:
    I'm now working on a Big Sur edition of this theme collection!
    To get a native look and feel, we will need one more option from Alfred's theming engine:
    Round corners for the highlighted search result 🙂
    I'm making this case in this tweet, please RT/Like if you'd like to see this happen:
    Thanks 🙏
    Hello everyone,
    Here is a full collection of themes to embrace macOS Mojave's new Dark and Light themes and their respective accent colors!
    Each one hase been carefully designed with a pinch of the accent color's hue in each element.
    I've chosen to respect the low contrast Yellow Accent color shipped by Apple in macOS, despite not being fond of it.
    It comes in Blue, Purple, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green & Gray, each with a Dark and Light variant.
    You can have the color you want, as long as it's not black! 
    There is now a workflow made for this themes collection, which allows you to switch easily between Dark & Light mode, and select your Alfred theme's accent color.
    Here is a quick demo:

    TL;DR: How to Install ?
    You can find all the previews in High Res and link to each theme on Alfred's website on my repo:

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    rgrtht got a reaction from vitor in MachineClean — Lock your keyboard temporarily, so you can clean it   
    Thank you good sir. Spectacular.
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    rgrtht reacted to vitor in DownMedia — Download media from popular sources   
    Download media from a plethora of sources, even when embedded in other pages.

    The main commands are dv to download video and da to download audio (often extracted from a video source). Both will present you with two download options, if available: the URL of your frontmost browser tab, and the URL in your clipboard.

    Run any option with the ⌘ modifier, and the full playlist will be downloaded. Use ⌥ and it will toggle adding to WatchList (a separate Workflow).

    Notifications will appear on download start and end.

    To see auto-refreshing download progress, run dp. Actioning it with ⌘ will restart the current download (readding to the end of the queue), while actioning with ⌃ will abort.

    :downmediaservices installs (or later removes) DownMedia actions to macOS Services. This allows you to right click a URL and download from the context menu.

    The Workflow Environment Variables represent the directory to download to, the audio format to save when using da, and the default behaviour of adding a download to WatchList (true or false).
    Download | Source
    If on Alfred 3, download this one (works differently).
    If you have an issue, follow the guide for an effective bug report.

    Works well with
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    rgrtht reacted to hzlzh in [Workflow]Shorten URL (support goo.gl/ bit.ly/ t.cn/ j.mp/ is.gd/ v.gd/)   
    Shorten URL (v1.1) - download here
    Github Page:
    This workflow support URL shortener like below. You can use Hotkey to trigger without open Alfred input window.
    goo.gl/ bit.ly/ t.cn/ j.mp/ is.gd/ v.gd/ If you want more URL shortener services added, please let me know, .
    Choose some long links (e.g Command + A), then press `Command + Shift +L`, choose goo.gl and you will get the short link in your clipboard with notification center triggered.
    How to use this workflow without copy/paste?
    Just use trigger HotKey, check out this wiki issue here:



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