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  1. So I made a copy shortcut and a paste shortcut for Alfred Remote, but I would love to know if there's a way to make a cut shortcut, since I use it all the time. The only way I know how to "cut" in macOS is my right-clicking, holding down Option and then selecting "Move item here" after copying. Technically you're still copying the file in the first place and not really cutting, but would love to know if that can translate to a Remote shortcut. Any help is appreciated!
  2. Oh thanks! I don't have any experience with scripts, but I just typed in the Terminal command where the script would go and it seemed to work just fine!
  3. I created a workflow where I enter in a keyword into the Alfred search bar and it runs a Terminal command. However, after it's complete, Terminal remains open. I want to close and quit Terminal after it does its thing instead of remaining open. Is something like this possible? If so, how do I set it up in the workflow? Thanks!
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