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  1. After entering this I got the full list in Terminal...
  2. % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed 100 20043 100 20043 0 0 15060 0 0:00:01 0:00:01 --:--:-- 15058
  3. Still the same issue. If I type speedserv 0, nothing happens, if I type speedserv 10, Alfred jumps after 2 seconds to the fallback search.
  4. Great! Finally a SpeedTest workflow for Alfred 2, thanks! SpeedTest works perfectly, but nothing happens with SpeedTest Servers? No network traffic at all.
  5. Thanks, but some people use the phone number for FaceTime other ones the Email address. And if I use the Email address for FaceTime I can't use it anymore for emailing and what about FaceTime and FaceTime Audio? So my question, is it possible to insert FaceTime Hotkeys into the Alfred Contact Window or something else for a fast call?
  6. Hi, how about making a FaceTime Call directly from the Alfred Contact Window?
  7. Thanks! I use Mavericks 10.9.2 and a HP Printer connected via USB. It takes about 1 minute till the image capture app starts. After scanning I get an notification "Error. Try again latter."
  8. Thanks for this, but there is no html encoding for ü, ö, ä.
  9. Devon offers an plugin called WordService, it works also with special characters.
  10. Ok, I could install it, but it doesn't work with the Remoter App. Any suggestions?
  11. how can I install this workflow? I use remoter
  12. Link is broken! Is the workflow still available?
  13. Hi, thanks for this workflow. Works fine! Only one thing. I use a German localization and one smart folder is named "Zuletzt hinzugefügt". This one doesn't work because the German Umlaute "ö, ü, ä". It works if I change the "ü" to "u". Possible to fix that? Thx
  14. Still the same issue with Parallels 9. Any update or workaround possible?
  15. Hi Jonas, everything works perfect now. Had to enable and disable the guest account once and then it disappeared.
  16. Thanks, I want to go on with the beta and uninstalled the MAS version. After that it worked.
  17. Hi Jonas, thank you for this workflow! One thing: I have deactivated the guest account but the workflow shows me it. Possible to change that?
  18. Now it don't show me the bookmarks of the beta. Automatic is ticked also 3party integration. Which path do I have to copy for the beta?
  19. I want to search by tag.
  20. Want to search for movie meta tags. (Not openmeta-style 'xattr' tags or Spotlight comments!) I use Tagger for tagging mp4 files. What can I do, Alfred (or Spotlight) show me the tags?
  21. Thanks for this also! Is it possible to get it work also with special charakters like the Germans ä, ö, ü, ß?
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