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  1. Thanks! Well it doesn't work with the iWorks Apps but with PDFs. What I'm missing is the print file action for files in the Alfred file buffer. Print doesn't appear when I want to print several files at once.
  2. If I use >+0 Things crashes immediately, tried it several times. I use Things 2.2.1, Alfred 2.0.4 with Mac OS 10.8.4.
  3. Thanks a lot for this wonderful tool! One suggestion: in the digital memory category I would like to choose between the decimal and the binary (1024) system. Possible? Maybe using the alt Key?
  4. Sorry! It works, but only notes (like you describe) not shortcuts to notebooks. Thanks for all!!
  5. Thanks, installed it from macupdate and almost everything works great now! Only "enc" shortcut search doesn't work.
  6. Would be wonderful to implement workflows with Preferences into the Alfred Feature Preferences. Workflows like Dropbox Evernote Notes with New Text File UniCall and others...
  7. Fantastic! Thank you! 2 issues: I get a fallback search using "enc". QuickView doesn't show the note. Tried enpref QuickView to Card and HTML. Same issue. Using Evernote 5.1.3 from MAS with Mac OS 10.8.3 and Alfred 2.0.3.
  8. No problem, didn't find a solution. Do you have an idea?
  9. As for customizing the shortened URLs, did you read the custom API Info from yourls 1.6?
  10. Thanks for the API info and the config path. Found my mistake in the settings.json. Everything works fine!
  11. Hmm, get now "Network error, no JSON object could be decoded". Also can't reconfigure it. Another question: I'm sure you know the yourls workflow from Andi. I asked him for implementing a custom short url ending but no answer. Would you like to do it? Example: I open Alfred type yourls enter my preferred short url, e.g. alfred Result: a short url like abc.de/alfred
  12. Does not work, fall back search starts immediately after typing "ystat url".
  13. Hi, thanks for this workflow! I would like to reset the configuration. Un- and reinstall the workflow didn't work.
  14. Thanks for this workflow! Works great! Is it possible to use a custom short url ending? - Example: I open Alfred type yourls enter my preferred short url, e.g. alfred Result: short url is like abc.de/alfred
  15. I can't see the tracks of a Playlist in Alfred iTunes mini player. Is that also a iTunes 11 bug?
  16. Hi Guigan, using FaceTime: is there a possibility that UniCall shows only the E-Mail or Phone number which is associated with a FaceTime contact? using SIP call: is there a possibility to see the field names of the phone numbers from a contact? Some contacts have e.g. 4 phone numbers and I want to call the private and not the business number. With UniCall I can't see which one is it. Thanks!
  17. You are right, sorry. I forgot that I disabled Growl for Pushdialer because my former workflow had also a notification.
  18. It works perfect now! This workflow is absolutely amazing. (Not absolutely necessary but I included a notification when Pushdialer pushed a number. Sometimes it takes some seconds till the notification reaches the iPhone. Without notification you stay insecure did it work or not.)
  19. Hi guiguan, I'm on the go, so can't test all now, but a first fast test shows, everything is working. AWESOME workflow! Big thanks! One thing: if I type only call I'm missing Telephone in the list.
  20. Thanks for the tip Jan! Works also within the Airfoil workflow: 1. + (upper right corner), Inputs, Keyword 2. like above 3. + (upper right corner), Actions, Run NSAppleScript 4. set applescript like above 5. connect the boxes
  21. Works like an oiled flash. Thanks!
  22. Thanks so much Carlos! It works almost perfect but I get the message "Evernote is not set as scan destination in Image capture" but it is. If I press the Scan button manualy it works fine.
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