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  1. Thanks!

    Well it doesn't work with the iWorks Apps but with PDFs. What I'm missing is the print file action for files in the Alfred file buffer. Print doesn't appear when I want to print several files at once.

  2. Unfortunately, the >+0 syntax is the only way to do it. That syntax is built into Things, and the challenges required for injecting tasks any other way have so far struck me as insurmountable. If I can find a way to make it easier, I'll definitely change it; but for now, that's all you've got.


    If I use >+0 Things crashes immediately, tried it several times. I use Things 2.2.1, Alfred 2.0.4 with Mac OS 10.8.4.

  3. Unfortunately Quick Look and add file from Finder are not compatible with Evernote downloaded from Mac App Store due OSX sandbox.

    I had Evernote from MAS in my MacBook and I had to install it from Evernote.com.


    Thank you!


    Thanks, installed it from macupdate and almost everything works great now!

    Only "enc" shortcut search doesn't work.

  4. Hmm, get now "Network error, no JSON object could be decoded". Also can't reconfigure it.


    Another question: I'm sure you know the yourls workflow from Andi. I asked him for implementing a custom short url ending but no answer. Would you like to do it? Example:

    • I open Alfred
    • type yourls
    • enter my preferred short url, e.g. alfred

    Result: a short url like abc.de/alfred

  5. Hi Guigan,

    • using FaceTime: is there a possibility that UniCall shows only the E-Mail or Phone number which is associated with a FaceTime contact?
    • using SIP call: is there a possibility to see the field names of the phone numbers from a contact?
      Some contacts have e.g. 4 phone numbers and I want to call the private and not the business number. With UniCall I can't see which one is it.


  6. Ok, Davide. When you get time, please try this pre-release version to see whether it fixes your problem.




    It works perfect now! 

    This workflow is absolutely amazing.


    (Not absolutely necessary but I included a notification when Pushdialer pushed a number. Sometimes it takes some seconds till the notification reaches the iPhone. Without notification you stay insecure did it work or not.)

  7. Hi Davide. How's going?

    Now I have added both SIP and PushDialer to Uni Call. Please download and try them out. Bugs might exist. Please let me know. Hope you will like them! 

    Hi guiguan,

    I'm on the go, so can't test all now, but a first fast test shows, everything is working. AWESOME workflow! Big thanks!


    One thing: if I type only call I'm missing Telephone in the list.

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