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  1. Your description is exactly my idea! Thank you, for your wonderful support. I use a German system, is there a chance that this script will work with "some" German words at the right place? I made this experience already with other Apple scripts. E.g. this workflow
  2. A pity, but maybe better than nothing. But what about this?
  3. Great workflow thanks! How about a "scan to evernote" feature in this workflow? Here is a very simple manual how to.
  4. Hi Guiguan, thanks for the info and the new version 4.2. Works great on my machine! One more request: I don't use Phone Amego but PushDialer. There is already a workflow for this but would be great to have all in one. What do you think?
  5. Would it be possible to list all unanswered Emails from one recipient or contact with this or another workflow?
  6. Works perfectly with "sip:123456789@sipgate.com" or "tel:+123456789". I want to say, if I use "sip" the number must include @xxx.com at the end. But "tel" works always! Doesn't matter what kind of number VoIP or what ever.
  7. Hi Guiguan, Thanks for your reply! Well, I would prefer to use the url scheme tel:{query}. So I can call everybody in my contacts, doesn't mater if land line, cell phone or VoIP. That works perfectly with Telephone from Contacts and links in Safari, e.g. <a href="tel:+123456789" target="_self">, but if I try it from Alfred Contacts action it doesn't work, regardless if I use sip:{query} or tel:{query}. The cursor jumps to Telephone App but without number.
  8. Hi, I'm using Alfred 2.0.3 (Mac OS 10.8.3) and I just realized that I can't put files into the buffer from the "recent documents" view! Is that a bug or not? E.g. I enter Pages > File action > Recent documents...
  9. Thanks Roger! Icon shows up now.
  10. Works fine now with Alfred 2.0.3. Thanks for this! Only in the first line "System" I have no icon (Mac mini 2009 with 10.8.3).
  11. I have exactly the same issue and configuration like DJay.
  12. Wonderful! Thanks! Possible to add "Open Airfoil Equalizer" and to show the Equalizer presets within Alfred? Possible to show the original Airfoil Speaker icons?
  13. Would be great if I could use also my contacts without sip address, I mean their landline or mobile numbers.
  14. I asked David Ferguson. Here his answer
  15. Hi David, thanks for all this but I'm looking for something similar for file actions e.g. the Archiver Workflow. At the moment this workflow produces 4 actions in the actions menu. I would like to have one entry in the action menu, clicking on this opens a "submenu" which now shows all actions of this workflow. Possible?
  16. Great Workflow! But I don't like to have 5 Archive actions in Alfred action menu. Possible to show the different format archive actions in a second Alfred submenu?
  17. I love the Alfred icons. Meanwhile there are many more file actions workflows but the icons have of course different styles. Would be great if Alfred had some more icons in the genuine Alfred style for download. E.g. for Move to Dropbox, Zip file or Tag file? Anybody more suggestions?
  18. Just realized I can within a folder with *. Can I make also a quick search for the whole Volume?
  19. @Jack James Great and thanks for the Open Metadata. Trifle: All headlines are with upper case, "tags" not.
  20. I connect e.g. a Volume of a friend to my Mac and want to make a quick search within this Volume with the Alfred Browser. So I navigate to this Volume but then I can't search there spontaneously. Is that correct? Possible to enable this?
  21. Any chance to include OpenMeta tags and/or spotlight comments?
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