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  1. When you hover over the background, you get help text that says "Hold ⌘ to set fonts individually." But when you hover over the theme elements in font mode, it very much implies that you'll be changing only that element. I almost posted a bug report before I saw the generic help text. Possible solutions: Include "Hold ⌘" prompt in all help text, not only when the mouse cursor isn't hovering over a text element Change help text when hovering over text element to say "All fonts", and only name the element (e.g. "Result Subtext Font") when actually holding ⌘
  2. No, sorry. I get the default "Pinboard Search (Searches Pinboard's website)" item, so it's recognizing the workflow, but no results or anything else.
  3. Doesn't seem to work for me. If a Pinboard Search item is selected, the Return key does nothing. Doesn't even dismiss Alfred, it just sits there ready for me to type some more.
  4. For posterity, a discussion about the future of the Drupal workflow is taking place on drupal.org.
  5. Here's a direct port of the Drupal extension for Alfred v1. (Are new members with zero posts allowed to attach files directly to threads? I couldn't see how in fifteen seconds of looking.)
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