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  1. Hi! Done. Sorry I missed that guideline. Cheers!
  2. Chrome in my case (actually Vivaldi but same thing).
  3. Yeah it's probably radically different. What I meant by "global search" would be indeed just a filter to look up within the already added bookmarklets, but as it stands now I understand how that can't be accomplished. I was hoping you could see something I could be missing. Guess I'll give it a try and work something from ~scratch~, probably reuse (and credit) some of your code to actually send the JS to the browser. Thank you again for this workflow and taking your time answering (:
  4. Yeah I read your explanation about that, sorry if I sounded obnoxious. And you are right, that's what I'm mostly interested. But if we ditch the "read from browser" thing, maybe an easier way to add bookmarklets and be sure they stick somewhere between updates/reinstalls? Edit: Also, just a way to search for them without entering a specific keyword/trigger, just a global search.
  5. Thank you very much for this, @vitor! I'm pushing for bookmarklets to be natively supported by Alfred, but until then I wish to know if you have any plans to expand on this workflow. I can volunteer to help if needed.
  6. With the addition of the "Web Bookmarks" feature now Alfred indexes Chrome Bookmarks, but it ignores bookmarklets (probably intended). However it would be very useful to me if I could actually search and trigger those excluded bookmarklets from Alfred, ideally in the frontmost browser. I know about some workflows approaching this (AlfredBookmarklet and Bookmarklets) but they requiere me to clone my (currently 50+) bookmarklets list, and AFAIK there's none backup/sync option from there. I would appreciate the extra commodity to do this from Alfred natively. Thank you, cheers! David.