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  1. SIMPLIFIED VERSION: Add important clipboard history.. Let up separate our non-importnt clipboard (code snippet, linux command) from our important clipboard (digitalocean password, server IP, ..). This will make our life way easier, get us way more productive as we dont have to scroll through clipboard history so ofter. Im not good at explaining so I will try to do it as simple as I can. Alfted has feature called Clipboard History which keeps history of your clipboard.. I use it soooo often.. I use CMD + C to copy.. and I have shortcut on CMD+SHIFT+C which open up
  2. MAC: pro mid 2014, 13" OS: High siera 10.13.4 Alfred version: v3.6.1 Screen setup: First: Desktop Second: Google Chrome Third: Visual Studio code When I am in Google Chrome, open alfred and type "visual studio", it moves me to Desktop and top header is Visual Studio Header (top left info like file, view, edit, ...). When I am in Visual Studio Code and I type "google chrome", again. It moves me to Desktop but at top left I can see chrome header. If you need any addation info for access to remote control for tests, let me know.
  3. Hello, there is a filter where I can run script only if query matches reges. For example I can do: ^(ERROR:) So script will continue on only if query starts with "ERROR:". But how can I do something like "else" fir this "if"? I found out I can do second filter and put there: ^(?!ERROR:) So another regex that means "does not start with ERROR:". But what if there is really difficult regex? Do I really need to rewrite it? Or is there some way to do ELSE for filter?
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