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  1. This did it! Thank you! Once I let Chrome create the whole folder again, my synced profile went into a folder called "Default" again. And now my bookmarks are immediately sync'd at every change or addition. It's beautiful!
  2. I went ahead and tried typing this command: ln -s "./Profile 3" ./Default It doesn't error out on iTerm or anything, but it also does nothing. Sadly, still doesn't index new/changed bookmarks.
  3. Can I do this part without doing the other part first? This is the symlink thing you mentioned earlier, isn't it? I don't mind what the folder is actually called if this thing works.
  4. Yeah, I guess I'm going to be needing instructions on how to do this... Chrome really did put my profile on `Profile 3` for some reason. Now I don't even have a `Default` folder.
  5. Thanks, @deanishe! It didn't work, though... After I did this (I didn't have a `Profile 1` folder, just a `Profile 3`), my Chrome launched as a fresh install. No users/profiles were present. I set up my profile by logging in to Chrome Sync or whatever with my work account, now it's working and the bookmarks can be searched again. HOWEVER. I tested adding a new bookmark and Alfred didn't index this new one. I went back into the Chrome folder you instructed me to open, and now I have folders both for `Default` and `Profile 3`. It appears that when I signed into Google Sync with that, Chrome re-created the profile as `Profile 3`. The folder's "Date Modified" info in Finder matches the time when I created the new bookmark to test (while the `Default` folder's time of "Date Modified" matches roughly when I launched Chrome right after renaming the folder).
  6. Hey Alfred team & community! I have a problem with the Chrome Bookmarks feature because of the way my Chrome is set up. It will take a fairly long explanation of it for me to be able to ask for help, so sorry in advance. I used to run Chrome as my default browser but switched to Safari months ago. I got a job that requires me to use Chrome for work. This means my current setup is Safari -> default browser, Chrome -> work browser. My work is somewhat complicated, with MANY web tools and reference pages I must access and switch between constantly, that's why Alfred's bookmarks feature is easily one of my most used features and very important to me, next to snippets and clipboard history. However, here's the problem: when I transitioned Chrome from my default browser to my work browser, I initially created a second "Person" inside Chrome. So, the profile I actually use today for work is a secondary profile/person inside Chrome. Since apparently Alfred only indexes bookmarks for the primary Chrome profile/person, what I was doing was copying-pasting my bookmarks in bulk from my secondary profile (the one I actually use) into my primary profile (the one Alfred would know how to index, the one I used to have as my default browser but now is useless as I use Safari, despite still being the primary Chrome profile because it's older). What a mess, right? Anyway, this used to work, but I quickly became grumpy with this hacky process. Since there's no way to change which Chrome profile is the default/primary one, I just deleted my primary/older profile. My thinking was that doing this would change my secondary profile into the primary one (since it's now the ONLY profile in Chrome), thus making Alfred index the correct bookmarks, from that profile, without copypasting hacks. Well, it didn't work. Now Alfred just doesn't pull ANY Chrome bookmarks whatsoever. I already restarted both Chrome and Alfred after making this change, but my bookmarks are still invisible to Alfred. What can I do to force Alfred to index these bookmarks for me? Thanks and sorry for the long-winded message!
  7. In my work, I absolutely have to press the keyboard combination control+j hundreds of times a day. It's the worst. Super un-ergonomic. And I can't change it to a different shortcut. I have been using a Nintendo Switch controller and a software called Enjoy2 to translate game controller inputs to keyboard button presses, and it's a serviceable solution, but still not ideal, because I have to press two buttons on the controller (there isn't a way to bind two simultaneous keyboard presses to a single input from the controller using Enjoy2). When I heard of Alfred Remote, I immediately though of using it for this. "What if I could press a button on my phone screen instead of control+j?" But apparently I can't? I've looked at some of the resources, FAQs, help pages... If there is a way, it isn't immediately obvious to me. Can anyone help? Is there a way? I don't care if it's a workaround.
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