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  1. Curious if anyone was able to find an alternative to this that works in Alfred 4 🙂
  2. Is it possible to Search the iTunes Music Store by Artist? It appears the only options are search by Album and Song, but would love to also search by Artist. Any help is much appreciated, thanks
  3. Hi - I've added the Google Drive location to my search scope but Alfred still can't search it (though Spotlight can find the files). The only way I can get Alfred to work is to enable "UnIntelligent > Search all file types". Does any one know of a workaround that will enable Alfred to search Google Drive? Attached is what my Default Results look like. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks
  4. Thanks @vitor, option #2 worked though when I tried it before in the past in didn't work. Thanks!
  5. Is it possible to configure Alfred to always use Google Contacts when searching Contacts? As a heavy Google user, currently I have to export from Google Contacts to Apple Contacts app to ensure Alfred recognizes my contacts. I'm curious if there's a workaround. Thanks for any and all help!
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