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  1. @shortbread that's nice. Can you create a PR with this? And I can publish this.
  2. List updated. Added support for IntelliJ, Slack and Evernote.
  3. @politicus this is clearly an issue with your custom.json file. I think the issue is that you are adding extra data after the main json object outside of the main curly brackets {}. As such, it cannot load a faulty json file. To fix this, Sublime has plugins for fixing jsons or use an online tool. Or go down to line 7 - 11 and try to fix it yourself. Or post here so we can help you fix it. I attached a photo of what my json looks like with multiple apps (the custom_app_example is generated automatically to help users).
  4. @edbro are you sure you have updated? can you find Safari in the list? If not, type in [cheatsheet workflow:update] to force an update. I just added two gifs on customization to the github
  5. @politicus @edbro any feedback on newly added customization?
  6. Just released a new version that's customizable, with added support for Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Word. You can easily find the custom.json file to edit from the workflow itself, or overwrite any defaults from the workflow too. To update, you can wait for the workflow to give you the option to update (it checks once a day), or you can just enter [cheatsheet workflow:update] into Alfred. Enjoy
  7. You have to run the shortcuts.py code, because it generates a cPickle file that's faster to read from. > python shortcuts.py Any changes will be overwritten by any update. I will try to add the feature to allow user-specific shortcuts as soon as I can. I already redid the structure to split the modules into several files instead of one big one.
  8. @edbro you don't need to unzip and zip back. Just open it through alfred workflow preferences (right click on workflow -> open in terminal/finder) and edit the shortcuts.py file in there. The shortcuts.py file generates a cPickle file that the workflow reads, so you need to run [python shortcuts.py] to update the cheatsheet_default.pkl file. I don't recommend this because it will be overwritten by any update I make. The simplest way for now might be to add make your changes in a separate object and keep track of those changes outside of the workflow. I am still working on a feature to
  9. Cheatsheet Alfred workflow that gets shortcuts for applications, websites, tools and others. Use the keyboard more. Github repo workflow file Supported right now Alfred AutoMute Chrome extension Evernote Finder Firefox Google Chrome IntelliJ Idea (default Mac OS X) Mac OSX Microsoft Word Outlook Reddit Enhancement Suite Safari Slack Sublime Text Terminal Video Speed Controller chrome extension Vim Vintage Sublime github.com iTerm2 inbox.google.com
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