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  1. Starting debug for '17Track' [2018-04-03 22:02:30][STDERR: input.scriptfilter] 22:02:29 workflow.py:2247 DEBUG ---------- 17Track (1.1.0) ---------- 22:02:30 workflow.py:1657 DEBUG reading settings from /Users/Fabrizio/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3/Workflow Data/com.17Track/settings.json 22:02:30 workflow.py:2440 DEBUG set last run version: 1.1.0 22:02:30 workflow.py:2289 DEBUG ---------- finished in 0.902s ----------
  2. Thanks both and sorry for my poor description in my previous post. I've installed Fixum but ... ehm not update the workflow. Now i've done it and Fixum update 7Track workflow; now when insert 'track' is shown the 7Track icon in the bar with 'write your query' ... But when insert (correct) tracking code i receive a: No shipments with this code was found. Check your internet connection. It's odd, cause if i insert on 7Track website the same code i receive the correct information ... Any hints ? Thanks
  3. Hi, i've downloaded it but not works in Alfred 3.6. Any chance to update your workflow to make it workable with the new version of Alfred ?
  4. Hi all, i'm having an issue on a iMac 10.12.5 1) Click on ENTER on my keyboard after having searched for a folder not access to that folder 2) The same if i select an item is unresponsive
  5. + 1 In Alfred 3 is it finally available ?
  6. Hi all, now that the big 3 update is available what happens to Alfred 2 users (if they don't want to upgrade to 3) ? This old version will be ... discontinued and unsupported ? Just curious (i'll update for sure to version 3 ) Thanks
  7. I've solved setting up shared folder access as AFP (and only AFP).
  8. Yes, that (phrase) works better And now hope for a reply ...
  9. The access for the network shared folder has to be setup as AFP ONLY. That has solved for me the same issue. Try it and let us know if it works also for you ...
  10. I've searched for a similar workflow but seems unavailable, anyone knows if exists a workflow that accomplish what i'm asking ? Just wonder: the event could be searched in iCal (i've iCloud and Google accounts in it) and then show the result in Google web site calendar ... could be simpler ?
  11. @deanishe Thanks for the workaround, it works like a charm (waiting for the fix of this little bug)
  12. I've searched for a simple package-tracking workflow but none that I found works. Are there any working ones?
  13. I use this workflow to search for an event and it's shown in calendar apple app. I'd like to open instead Google website and show in calendar google app the event. How to proceed ? Thanks http://i64.tinypic.com/96zz8w.png http://i64.tinypic.com/m8e629.png
  14. Hi, i've enabled the search for contacts and i can search within all my iCloud contacts. I've also another account on my mac with google and Alfred not display these contacts: why ? If use Spotlight i can search also for Google contacts. Thanks
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