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  1. Yes i can understand but the odd is that i'm using Google Drive with File Stream SAVING all the files also in local, so they should be read by Spotlight and also by Alfred, isn't it ? And the odd is that on all my Mac works only with the new Big Sur no. 🤔
  2. @Vero thanks for the reply and support. I remember the old discussion a few weeks ago, but now the issue seems different. Actually the gdoc files are found by Spotlight (even if in others section and not documents sections) but not by Alfred. I'm wrong ?
  3. Here's the log from Troubleshooting File indexing: Starting Diagnostics... File: 'Test.gdoc' Path: '/Volumes/GoogleDrive/Il mio Drive/Test ----------------------------------------------------------- Check file cache database... ✅ File cache integrity is ok ----------------------------------------------------------- Check if file is readable... ✅ Alfred has permissions to read this file. ----------------------------------------------------------- Check if volume '/Volumes/GoogleDrive/' is indexed by macOS... ✅ Indexing is enabled o
  4. Hi, i've this workflow that search for files. The odd is that the same workflow works like a charm on one Mac while on another Mac not finds the gdoc file (but only pdf files): any hints ?
  5. Hi @Vero, i've setup Google Drive to store locally all the files and works until now like a charm with Alfred. Yesterday Alfred (Spotlight) stop working, as said. Today i've added the whole Google Drive into Preferences > Spotlight > Privacy And then remove it And now all works properly, again
  6. Hi all, suddenly Alfred not works properly anymore in searching items (folders and files). Seems an issue related to Spotlight. I've just cleared the application cache, rebuild macOS Metadata with no success. Here's the diagnostic. Any hints please ? Thanks Starting Diagnostics... File: 'Colf' Path: '/Volumes/GoogleDrive/Il mio Drive/Studio' ----------------------------------------------------------- Check file cache database... ✅ File cache integrity is ok -------------------------------------------------------
  7. Any update on this please (using Mac OS 11 - Big Sur) ? I'd like to move my data from a shared network hard disk into Google Drive with drive File Stream enabled. But i love so much Alfred app so i'll consider to move on only if Alfred works searching in Google Drive ...
  8. it works but the results it gives are 'inconsistent' if i use the default Alfred folder search the results are more accurated why ?
  9. @vitor thanks, here's my workflow https://www.dropbox.com/s/xiux91sggeft4v9/Folder.alfredworkflow?dl=0
  10. I know that probably a looking for folder workflow is quite unuseful cause Alfred has by default this feature but why do you think this workflow not works properly not finding all the folders as Alfred by default (without using this workflow) do ?
  11. Hi @Vero, here's in attach my setup. I use massively these only 2 workflow to search for files / folders within the same shared folder 'Studio'. I've now enabled - as suggested - 'Learning' checkbox. But the issue is still here .. Any more help please ? I've read the guide but frankly i cannot understand why when search (for example a number) the folder with the number isn't shown ... ad first result but on third place ... Thanks
  12. Same issue here, i find for folder / documents (on a server connected wired) Spotlight on server works properly If i move a file (saved on server from my client) into Alfred Metadata Tool here's what i receive: /Volumes/Studio/Scanner/Posizioni da controllare per indennizzi.ods Internal File Metadata ====================== Display Name: Posizioni da controllare per indennizzi.ods Alt Names: File Type: org.oasis-open.opendocument.spreadsheet Comments: Keywords: Last Used: 2019-11-10 18:17:23 +0000 Raw mdls File Metadata =====
  13. While this workflow pcsctest 1 1 works like a charm giving in the terminal the correct execution: pcsctest 1 1 Last login: Mon Oct 21 23:46:04 on ttys000 The default interactive shell is now zsh. To update your account to use zsh, please run `chsh -s /bin/zsh`. For more details, please visit https://support.apple.com/kb/HT208050. Fabrizio:~ Fabrizio$ pcsctest MUSCLE PC/SC Lite Test Program Testing SCardEstablishContext : Command successful. Testing SCardGetStatusChange Please insert a working reader : Command successful. Testing SCardListReaders
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