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  1. it works but the results it gives are 'inconsistent' if i use the default Alfred folder search the results are more accurated why ?
  2. @vitor thanks, here's my workflow https://www.dropbox.com/s/xiux91sggeft4v9/Folder.alfredworkflow?dl=0
  3. I know that probably a looking for folder workflow is quite unuseful cause Alfred has by default this feature but why do you think this workflow not works properly not finding all the folders as Alfred by default (without using this workflow) do ?
  4. Hi @Vero, here's in attach my setup. I use massively these only 2 workflow to search for files / folders within the same shared folder 'Studio'. I've now enabled - as suggested - 'Learning' checkbox. But the issue is still here .. Any more help please ? I've read the guide but frankly i cannot understand why when search (for example a number) the folder with the number isn't shown ... ad first result but on third place ... Thanks
  5. Same issue here, i find for folder / documents (on a server connected wired) Spotlight on server works properly If i move a file (saved on server from my client) into Alfred Metadata Tool here's what i receive: /Volumes/Studio/Scanner/Posizioni da controllare per indennizzi.ods Internal File Metadata ====================== Display Name: Posizioni da controllare per indennizzi.ods Alt Names: File Type: org.oasis-open.opendocument.spreadsheet Comments: Keywords: Last Used: 2019-11-10 18:17:23 +0000 Raw mdls File Metadata =====
  6. While this workflow pcsctest 1 1 works like a charm giving in the terminal the correct execution: pcsctest 1 1 Last login: Mon Oct 21 23:46:04 on ttys000 The default interactive shell is now zsh. To update your account to use zsh, please run `chsh -s /bin/zsh`. For more details, please visit https://support.apple.com/kb/HT208050. Fabrizio:~ Fabrizio$ pcsctest MUSCLE PC/SC Lite Test Program Testing SCardEstablishContext : Command successful. Testing SCardGetStatusChange Please insert a working reader : Command successful. Testing SCardListReaders
  7. @deanishe i've inserted in a Run Script this code: query=$1 pcsctest 1 1 exit echo -n $query That's all ? How to know that the command is executed ?
  8. I need to wake up a USB port where is inserted a token (last OS X unfortunately puts the USB ports asleep after some time). If the USB port is asleep i cannot use that token using a remote connection. I can wake up USB only if i'm physically near the Mac removing / inserting the token. I hope with pcsctest terminal command i can wake up the USB port. Hope is clearer now 😀
  9. @vitor thanks actually i've used this terminal command pcsctest 1 1 exit but, even if in the terminal shell i've selected in preferences > profile > shell to close the window when the shell is finished the terminal app not close itself why ? i've tried adding a: Key combo with cmd + q and it seems to work but seems that the command in terminal isn't executed completely or i'm wrong ? But obviously using terminal command the terminal app is visible ... Any help to use instead the Run Script Action ? I'm looking through help
  10. Hi all, i know it's possibile to execute a terminal command using > (command_to_execute) I'd like to create a script where simply inserting a command in Alfred i.e. Test automagically execute the command via terminal WITHOUT showing the terminal app is it possible ?
  11. Starting debug for '17Track' [2018-04-03 22:02:30][STDERR: input.scriptfilter] 22:02:29 workflow.py:2247 DEBUG ---------- 17Track (1.1.0) ---------- 22:02:30 workflow.py:1657 DEBUG reading settings from /Users/Fabrizio/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3/Workflow Data/com.17Track/settings.json 22:02:30 workflow.py:2440 DEBUG set last run version: 1.1.0 22:02:30 workflow.py:2289 DEBUG ---------- finished in 0.902s ----------
  12. Thanks both and sorry for my poor description in my previous post. I've installed Fixum but ... ehm not update the workflow. Now i've done it and Fixum update 7Track workflow; now when insert 'track' is shown the 7Track icon in the bar with 'write your query' ... But when insert (correct) tracking code i receive a: No shipments with this code was found. Check your internet connection. It's odd, cause if i insert on 7Track website the same code i receive the correct information ... Any hints ? Thanks
  13. Hi, i've downloaded it but not works in Alfred 3.6. Any chance to update your workflow to make it workable with the new version of Alfred ?
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