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  1. I have a script filter with the keyword 'f'. The results from the script filter rarely appear at the top of the Alfred results list. In fact they appear under other things that I'm pretty sure I've never used, even if I activate the script filter repeatedly. How can I get my script filter results to appear at the top of Alfred's results list? In the example below the script filter result appears at position 6, and doesn't seem to move up no matter how often I activate it.
  2. I have a Python script that interacts with Google APIs (Gmail, Google Apps Script, etc.) and requires Google authentication when first run. When run from the terminal, the script open a browser page which prompts for a Google login. However, when run through Alfred this browser page is never opened. It doesn't matter whether I paste the script into the Alfred workflow directly or call it via a Zsh script – the result is the same. If I authenticate by running the script once via the terminal, it then works properly in Alfred (as no browser page is required).
  3. +1 for this. Of course the down arrow key is already assigned in these situations, but maybe navigating through history could be assigned to cmd-up and cmd-down, for example?
  4. Already-running apps also work for me. However I suspect we may be talking about different things. I mean the list you get on clicking on the drop-down menu at the top of an open/save dialog box. Perhaps you mean a different list?
  5. Ah, but you can edit the Recent Places list! defaults write -g NSNavRecentPlaces = '("/test","/test2","/test3")' However, it seems that even a file filter wouldn't work if I then navigate the filesystem with the arrow keys in Alfred, which I do quite a lot
  6. I find the 'Recent Places' list (in the drop-down menu of save dialogs) very useful. However, I'd like to extend it to include directories I've recently opened with Alfred. To do so I need to know which directories Alfred has opened. Is there either: 1) An 'on directory open' hook in Alfred that I could tap into, or 2) A list of directories recently opened by Alfred somewhere that I can read? Please note I only want directories opened with Alfred, not ones opened by double-clicking in the Finder.
  7. Thanks, guys – just the solution I was looking for
  8. Thanks – based on your suggestions I was able to find a way to do it without variables: I made a script filter that returns one item with the same title as the script filter's placeholder title and the desired subtitle. So when I finish typing the keyword the workflow row is replaced by the script filter row, but they look the same (apart from the extra subtitle). The only drawback is that the subtitle doesn't appear until the entire keyword is typed, since the script filter isn't run until then. It seems the same would be true if I was dynamically assigning a variable in the scrip
  9. Is there any way of changing the subtext of a workflow at runtime? I have a workflow that opens the last file I downloaded, and it would be really cool if I could put the name of that file in the subtext. David
  10. Thanks, deanishe. Is there any way to get this to work in Alfred 2?
  11. Thanks for your reply, deanishe. I would be happy to use Alfred's application list and just pass a file to it.
  12. I'd like to make my own version of the 'Open with...' file action (that opens the last-modified file in a directory with an application of the user's choice). The built-in 'Open with...' file action has a second screen where you choose the application that you want to use. How can I use such functionality in my own workflow? Thanks!
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