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  1. Hi @able, I upgraded to Catalina 2 weeks ago and I've not faced any issue until now. Do you still have a problem? Can you help me to reproduce? Cheers.
  2. Hi, Thank you @able for reporting your issue, and thanks @deanishe for your feedback. I haven't upgraded my system yet to Catalina, so I cannot investigate the issue. I will try to do it by the end of November. On a technical side, I will consider switching back to Alfred-Workflow's http library or find another alternative.
  3. Hi @JJJJ, I have studied the bug report. No particular error during the authentication with Salesforce. I cannot explain the API error when refreshing the token (400). However, I found another error: No such column 'Type' on entity 'Account'. That's exactly the issue that got @AcidAlfred one year ago. He solved the issue making the field `Type` visible. Can you try to do the same? A next version of the workflow could fix this issue (=work without this field).
  4. Hello @JJJJ, I was not able to reproduce your issue. In the debugger output, there is not the part I'm interested in. Can you again log out and log in, then type the command "sf > debug" and send me the file (or the full content) that you will find in the directory? You can send it in a private message if you prefer. Jeremy
  5. Hello @JJJJ, Glad to read that this workflow could be useful. In the logs, I see the following error: API error when refreshing the token (400): {"error":"invalid_grant","error_description":"expired access/refresh token"} Has the workflow ever worked? Can you try to logout and login again? (using "sf > logout" and "sf > login").
  6. @AcidAlfred Sorry for answering late. Great that the plugin now works. Updating fields with the plugin is possible. But which objects (leads, contacts, opportunities...) should be editable, and which of their field (only the status?)? If the plugin allows editing, it should be not too difficult to use, and generic enough so that it is useful for different people/organizations. For now I don't have enough visibility about this.
  7. Here is the error: "No such column 'Type' on entity 'Account'" The plugin tries to get the Type on Accounts (a standard field), but Salesforce API returns an error. Do you know if the field 'Type' is available and retrievable?
  8. Hi all, I just published a new version (0.0.2). You should update manually (no auto update yet). @wefikus : There is now an option to open links in Salesforce Classic. This should fix your issue. @AcidAlfred : Indeed, some logs would be helpful. Also, do you know if your Salesforce organization has any IP restriction? @deanishe : Thanks for your help
  9. Hi @wefikus! Thanks for your message. Can you confirm that you can search with the plugin but then you get an error when the page is opened in your browser? I will have a look at it very soon.
  10. Thank you deanishe. BTW, your library alfred-workflow is great, thank you for the great work. In a first version, I was using Alfred-Workflow's http library but I had several Python SSL Errors. Using requests solved the issues. I thought including requests library would make the workflow more reliable across the different MacOS versions. About the logging, that's a good suggestion you make. How can I use the logger of Workflow also in server.py that starts in a new process? About the test on the length of wf.args, indeed, you are right. I will remove it.
  11. Hi able, Thank you very much for your feedback. Hum, I'm not able to reproduce the bug you mention. Are you typing very fast when you get wrongly the "Type at least two characters to search in Salesforce" message? About the notification: the token (ie. authorization) given by the Salesforce REST API expires after few hours. So the workflow needs to refresh the token every few hours. I should remove the notification. I will wait for more feedbacks before releasing a new version with bugfixes.
  12. Description Alfred 3 workflow to search in Salesforce. Keywords `sf [blabla]` to search for any contact, account, opportunity, lead `sf > login` to connect `sf > logout` to log out `sf > debug` to write some debugs logs Requirements Alfred version 3.5 (should work on 3.0 or later) Mac OS X 10.12 (not yet tested on 10.13, feedbacks welcome) A Salesforce account with an access to the REST API Resources http://www.packal.org/workflow/search-salesforce https://github.com/jereze/alfred-salesforce https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.api_rest.meta/api_rest/intro_what_is_rest_api.htm
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