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  1. Personally, I have nothing against dark border, however it should be consistent and smooth at the corners, otherwise it looks bad, as I've mentioned in this thread.
  2. Here is the issue: Alfred 4.0.1 b1078 macOS 10.14.5 (18F132)
  3. After updating to Alfred 4 I've noticed that corners of themes looks bad especially on light backgrounds: Here is one of default themes: It's actually quite noticeable and distracting. Alfred 4.0.1 b1078 macOS 10.14.5 (18F132) Download theme from first screenshot.
  4. I would also love for Alfred to inherit current macOS theme setting and switch between two predetermined by user themes automatically. This is arguably more important, since search field is the main interface of Alfred and used more frequently than settings. Of course, you can switch manually now, but most applications are inherit this setting from macOS since Mojave. Also, many people, including me, are using light theme during the day and switch to the dark one in the evening (and there are a couple of good applications to do that automatically, so changing Alfred theme manually is a bit of hassle).
  5. Hi! I want to purchase Alfred Remote, but the fact it isn't updated for almost 3 years worries me. There is no support for modern devices and iOS features. What's the state of the project, and should we expect new updates for it?
  6. Second this. Please, add to existing queries, though, to search both in item name and URL simultaneously, if possible.
  7. The thing is, it's kinda a big deal, the usefulness of this functionality is heavily dependant on the ability to specify search terms in any order. Typical use is: Type one query term. See results. Add another term to filter results further. Repeat until specific item is found. When adding another term (step 3), it's very rare when terms are in the exact order they're in bookmark name. The user shouldn't be expected to specify the exact string when searching. So yeah, if it's possible, I think it's worth investigating. Thank you!
  8. Why not to use multiple SQL queries then? Like this workflow is doing. Performance is perfectly fine for me with this one.
  9. Is this also the reason why I cannot type search terms in any order? I'd love for space to act as logical AND in query like in almost all search engines.
  10. This workflow is awesome! I'll have some feedback after using it more. I have to agree to this. The name is exactly on point.
  11. There no need to assign every workflow to default results, though. It's for the user to decide, if he wants trade some performance for convenience of getting workflow output in default results. User absolutely can kill Alfred performance already: This is more strong argument against it, I think: Maybe, as it often happens, I confused habit with convenience. I'll try to use everything separately for now, with different keyword and not messing up default results. Thank you! This is no doubt would be useful, even when trying to use everything separate, since I, and I suspect, many other users, don't always remember if the URL in question was added as a bookmark or not.
  12. Well, it doesn't, mostly, except, correct me if I'm wrong, it's the only way to get items in default results without using keyword. Perhaps, somehow allowing to add output from workflow to default results would be a better and more unified solution? But as far as I understand, this is much harder to do. It's just struck me as strange, that you can search through Bookmarks natively but not History. Now, though, when you explained hoops you need to jump through in order to make this work, this makes much more sense. My goal is to replicate how search bars in modern browsers are working. You can type beginning of URL or website name, and get search in Bookmarks, History (and search engine suggestions, but this is another matter). Alfred can do this all, but it's fragmented. It's not some exotic, highly specialised functionality, almost every user needs this. This is why it's seems logical to me to add this as a native feature. I admit, maybe all of this against philosophy of how Alfred is built, and I should train myself to use different keywords for different purposes instead of throwing everything into one pile, like browser search bar and spotlight are doing.
  13. Indeed, I'm aware of this workflow. I should've clarified, I'm suggesting to add this functionality as a native built-in feature similar to Bookmarks Search added in Alfred 3.5 in order to consolidate both Bookmarks and History search results in one query. P.S. Sorry, I haven't manage to find similar requests for some reason
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