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  1. Regarding attachments, I have asked the various developers of the text expansion apps and the response has been similar to yours. Mostly saying can't be done. However, I know that at least one time it was done and done well. Before the current crop of text expansion apps there was a fellow that had a basement development version (for some reason I think he was Turkish) that I used for a few years. It did everything, including adding the attachments. Fantastic little app. It was free with the option of making donations. I did send money from time to time but I guess he was swallowed up by better financed or marketed competition. While his app was hard on the eyes it was superior to everything that is currently on the market. I use Mac Mail. I don't have much experience with Automator and none with Applescript but I suspect that it can be done in this manner. Are you aware of any Alfred workflow tutorials for someone that knows nothing about workflows so I can attempt to learn how they are used?
  2. Deanishe, thank you for your reply. Based on what I could tell from screenshots and feature elaboration on Alfred website, that is what I had concluded regarding the snippets. I am currently evaluating Typinator as an alternative to Textexpander which I've used for several years. I've evaluated a couple of others as well. The biggest downside so far to Typinator is that as opposed to Textexpander which allowed the inclusion of images inside a formatted text snippet (along with an image hyperlink) which is something that the snippets that I use most frequently in daily emails currently can do, Typinator appears to separate these features requiring triggering several snippets/email which requires remembering to do so. One feature I cannot find in a text expansion app that I'm hoping Alfred might help with, is the ability to trigger specific attachments in emails. I like so many others am prone to forgetting to include attachments in emails. I haven't found any text expansion app that does so. I don't have any experience with workflows and can't play with Alfred's due to the restrictions in the evaluation version. Is this something that falls within the realm of workflows?
  3. I did learn that the required .textexpander can be created within textexpander by saving a group. As to whether it is possible to play with these features (I'm most interested in the snippet, workflow and clipboard), I'm no further ahead. I'm also wondering if rather than typing can voice commands be used? The only response I received so far was from an admin requesting that I include in my forum profile my powerpack email to confirm my powerpack status. No details outlining how that relates to my forum inquiry and evaluation and as it has been a few days I'm left to assume that the only way to evaluate is to purchase? I did reply to explain to my knowledge that I do not have such an email and if it is issued after purchasing, I had not yet purchased but was evaluating before purchase. Seems a bit of a Catch 22
  4. I haven't purchased anything yet so I don't know that I have a "Powerpack email address". I'm trying to learn whether the snippet features found in Alfred compare well enough to make that purchase and how difficult it might be to transfer existing textexpander snippets over.
  5. I am looking for an app to replace Textexpander (and hopefully a means to import the existing textexpander snippets)* so I downloaded Alfred but it appears the feature is only in the PowerPack version for which I can't find a trial. Is it possible to play around with it a bit? *Every import from textexpander feature I have found for Alfred and otherwise refers to the conversion of .textexpander files. I think textexpander changed that some time ago. Unless there is some hidden export function, all exported files from user accounts are .csv and the conversion utilities either don't work or import addition code (html from the looks of it) as well.
  6. I'm looking into Alfred as a replacement for Textexpander which renewed my subscription without warning. I tried your script however, the file format for exporting textexpander is (now or is there another way to export from textexpander than what they provide?) .csv rather than .textexpander and the web app doesn't work.
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