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  1. Since I resolved this issue, I would like to write a solution for everyone who may encounter similar issue in the future. What you will need: 1. A local back up of "Alfred.alfredpreferences", even if it is corrupted 2. A copy of time machine backup of "Alfred.alfredpreferences" before it is corrupted; you should have it as long as you have time machine turned on before Alfred wipe out all settings. What you will need to do: 1. Pick the "Alfred.alfredpreferences" file and enter time machine 2. Pick a time when everything was wroking fine, say a week ago 3. Roll back to that file, but don't let it override your current one. A new file called "Alfred (original).alfredpreferences" will show up in the same folder 4. Now create a new folder called "Alfred" in your Dropbox root directory (really just make a new folder somewhere, but creating it within Dropbox is recommended by Alfred) 5. Drag your newly created "Alfred (original).alfredpreferences" into the "~/Dropbox/Alfred" folder you just created, and rename the file to "Alfred.alfredpreferences" 6. Follow this instruction https://www.alfredapp.com/help/advanced/sync/ to change your sync folder to "~/Dropobx/Alfred" you just created 7. Alfred should restart and all you preferences will be back. Hope it helps. Regads
  2. Darn, I used iCloud syncing. Even though, shouldn't I able to somehow get it back using time machine? I rolled back to previous time stamp and it was not helping. I am pretty sure this only started to happen the day before yesterday when I enabled my SIP. Thanks.
  3. Hey Support team, Today I enabled SIP again for my macOS High Sierra 10.13.1; suddenly my Alfred 3.5.1 decides to reset itself. All the preferences are gone and all my workflows are vanished. Anyway I could get them back and what is causing this problem? Thanks.
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