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  1. I am executing the workflow like this [1]. Notice the two hotkeys. I have got a hotkey – cmd + . – linked to the `pin` filter. So I just click those two keys and start typing. You are of course correct, I see now there is a cache. I guess you don't face my problem because you type `pin` instead of using a hotkey, so the delay is not noticeable in your case. In my case if you click fast enough you definitely miss some keys. I think this is just the delay in the execution of the script that loads the results; input is not handled while waiting for the initial script results. No way to work around that. I second your suggestion to decrease the update frequency. [1]
  2. Hi, Great work on this I wanted to give you a little bit of feedback. I have created a trigger for searching and I noticed that it seems to start by downloading the favourites. It says something like "Fetching bookmarks". It just takes a few milliseconds, but stops me from being immediately able to write my search. Because if I write while it is fetching the bookmarks the characters will not register. So if I click on shortcut and start writing "devianart" it will miss the first character. I wonder if the result could simply be cached. And perform the update maybe every 1 hour. Or maybe make the update only after I actually select a result. I see here (https://github.com/vitorgalvao/alfred-workflows/blob/master/PinPlus/source/pinplus.rb#L142) that the first thing it does it fetching the results. Isn't it possible to store this in memory so that there is no delay? Secondly, is there a way to have fuzzy search for the url? If I search for "art" then I would expect "https://www.deviantart.com" to show. Thanks!
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