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  1. Hi, Is it possible to add this feature? It would be really nice if we had hotkeys like delete file/folder in navigation mode. For instance: cmd + delete. Like standard hotkey in mac os for removing files. It's really convenient. I used to have this in other similar extension. What do you think?
  2. Cool. It works! Thanks @Tsunami @Vero Done Now it's closer to Launchbar primiary/pristine look and feel which i really like. So the next step is to find possibility to delete files directly from navigation mode. Like in Launchbar - by cmd + delete shortcut.
  3. So is it possible this file/folder preview or not becuase i still dont know
  4. Are they some examples? Videos? Can i check it before i buy it?
  5. So navigating only with the arrows is not possible?
  6. I was a LaunchBar user. Now i have had Alfred for couple days. And I miss the opportunity to navigate with arrows. For example when i search sth in LaunchBar and it gives me a result. I can go inside folder by clicking right arrow or go to the parent folder by clicking left arrow. Is it possible in Alfred also? How to do that?
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