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  1. Hi again, and no problem on any delay. I'd love to test it out! Feel free to shoot me a link. Thanks!
  2. @luckman212 hi there, I just came across this. do you plan on releasing preferences plus/have you already? Not having the icons is a small annoyance, but I notice it every day. Would love the workflow. thanks
  3. Some text like this Hi. I have text like this, and when I paste it into an excel or google sheet, it becomes multiple cells. I'd like to strip the returns so that it all goes into one cell. Here is a more detailed example of what I am wanting to strip into plain text that doesn't have returns: Some text: text Some text 2: Text Some text 3: text Some text 4: text Some text 5: text
  4. Hi. I have a spreadsheet that I am copying multiple cells into another sheet- but I'd like it in just 1 cell. What I've been doing is using Clean Text to remove returns from the app, but if I could run a shortcut to remove returns from my clipboard it would save me the steps of pasting into Clean Text, clicking remove returns, and copying that text.
  5. I'm creating a workflow that opens an application which is set to automatically update other things (add-ons for a game, in this case, it's Twitch). This usually takes just a few seconds. So I'm wondering if there's a way to open the app and then close it after a few seconds?
  6. @vitor Hey, I was using this and somehow lost the Workflow. I came back to redownload it but am getting a 404 on your link. I tried Packal without luck. Is there an updated link to the workflow? Or do I just copy that line and run it as a script with a keyword? Thank you!
  7. @Ivan Herman just wondered if you ever found a solution to this or if anyone else here has? This would be so nice.
  8. I just wanted to say thanks for putting this together. I was about to ask the forum about how I might accomplish this. So far, working like a charm. Cheers!
  9. I dig this. Thanks for sharing!
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