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  1. Vero, thank you for the workflow. I just found it and was excited to use it. Searching emails in the Mail app is ridiculous and seems to miss a lot. Too bad I already updated to Catalina. Ugghhh. 😞 I'd be happy to pay for a workflow that could seach emails!!!!
  2. [18:49:59.954] Logging Started... [18:50:03.952] Logging Stopped. [19:28:31.424] Logging Started... [19:28:42.796] Plex[Keyword] Processing complete [19:28:42.801] Plex[Keyword] Passing output 'port:32400' to Run Script [19:28:43.047] STDERR: Plex[Run Script] mkdir: /Users/name/Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-2/Workflow Data: No such file or directory mkdir: /Users/name/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Workflow Data: No such file or directory [19:28:43.053] Plex[Run Script] Processing complete [19:28:43.054] Plex[Run Script] Passing outp
  3. Was anyone able to get this to work correctly? Regarding server configuration, the github instructions say ... (https://github.com/laazyj/Alfred.Plex/blob/master/README.md) ###Configuration### Once you have the workflow installed you need to configure it to point to your Plex Media Server with the command: plex server port:32400 But, every time I try to set the port, I get an error. I know that this is the correct Plex port. Any ideas?
  4. Here is the sample workflow. The left arrow hotkey will move a window to the left side of your screen. The right arrow hotkey will move a window to the right side of your screen. In the attached workflow example, I was trying to get a Google web page opened and moved to the left and a Safari web page opened and moved to the right, by passing "left" or "right" as the input to the script. https://www.dropbox.com/s/2bpbepzwlgh6zhv/Layouts - Test.alfredworkflow?dl=0
  5. I am trying to pass a fixed value as an input to a script. In particular, I am using the Layouts (Simple Window Manager v2.1.0) workflow with Alfred. It works fine. I can use a "left" arrow "hotkey" combination with the "pass through to workflow" setting to tell the Layouts script to move a window left. (See screenshot 1). Since one workflow can't call another, I am trying to copy the Layouts functionality to another workflow. All I want is to pass the value "left" as a "pass through to workflow" so that it is an input to the Layouts script. I tried usi
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