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    gingerbeardman reacted to vitor in Option in workflow Open URL action to open in current/active browser   
    set browser_list to {"Safari", "Safari Technology Preview", "Google Chrome", "Opera"} set default_browser to "Safari" set web_address to "https://example.com" tell application "System Events" to set front_app to name of first process whose frontmost is true if browser_list contains front_app then tell application front_app to open location web_address else tell application default_browser activate open location web_address end tell end if  
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    gingerbeardman reacted to lilyball in Option in workflow Open URL action to open in the background   
    The workflow Open URL action only has one custom option, which is whether to use the default application or pick a specific one. It would be great if it supported the other options available when opening URLs, most notably the ability to open a URL without bringing the application forward.
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    gingerbeardman reacted to Terminal in Alfred-Man - Man Pages Search, View (Terminal, PDF, HTML)   
    Funny thing is that is shows up with a man command. So it wasn't the workflow it's self. Anyway, using a regex pattern that strings all random chars from the beginning and end of the descriptions. And since its caching, I didn't notice a noticeable impact on performance. You can either type man workflow:update to trigger the update and then man workflow:delcache to rebuild your cache, or just wait for them to trigger themselves.
    man -k -P cat . | grep automation_trampoline attach_automation_image(8), -(8) - ."====================== attach_automation_image attach and initialize disk images for automation_trampoline(8) ." ." automation_trampoline(8), -(8) - ."====================== automation_trampoline runs automation on boot ." ." ." ." makewhatis: /usr/lib/./libgutenprint.2.dylib: No such file or directory  
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    gingerbeardman reacted to thomasv in Can Alfred search the Mac Keychain   
    @gingerbeardman Thanks for this great workflow, this is exactly what I needed!
    Are there any new developments since?

    I was looking at your script and have a suggestion which might be less prone to changes in the UI.

    You could replace the search/input part:
    set value of text field 1 of group 2 of toolbar 1 of window "Keychain Access" to q click button 1 of text field 1 of group 2 of toolbar 1 of window "Keychain Access"
    To something like this, using the menu bar instead:
    click menu item "Find" of first menu of menu bar item "Edit" of first menu bar keystroke q  
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    gingerbeardman got a reaction from Adrian00 in Apple Music search with Alfred   
    Sure thing! I've added Artist search to both iTunes Music Store and Apple Music workflows.
    Downloads: https://www.gingerbeardman.com/alfred/
    If you find this useful, please leave a donation via the button on my site.
    Support open-source software ❤️
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    gingerbeardman reacted to vermeer in Thank you Alfred dev team! I use a lot the snippets and love them!   
    I have 300+ snippets and counting.
    Among many other things I store all my web bookmarks as snippets, much more convenient than browser bookmarks because I can easily share them while writing in slack, reddit etc..
    Many snippets are ready-to-paste ones.
    Many others are not, and are just an easy way to consult info.
    I use cmd+S shortcuts a lot, please never drop them! Both for creating new snippets from history and for editing existing ones.
    All my snippets are just a key press away, this works much better for me than: Evernote, Quiver, NvALT etc...
    Thanks again!!
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    gingerbeardman reacted to antil in Mega supporter and "free" update???   
    Looking at my email inbox this morning I saw this:
    With your Mega Supporter license, you are eligible for a free upgrade.
    Hey, a free upgrade, only costs an other an other GBP29 for an other so called "lifetime" free upgrade. Not this time. In my country, this is called misleading and deceptive conduct and run afoul of consumer protection laws. 
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    gingerbeardman reacted to Andrew in Mega supporter and "free" update???   
    @antil I think you may be entering your older v2 single license into the upgrade page. If you enter your newer v3 mega upgrade license into that page, you'll get your free v4 upgrade
    If you have any issues finding your newer license, take a look in Alfred 3's Powerpack prefs to view your license, or pop an email to our info@ address and Vero will help you out!
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    gingerbeardman reacted to rogerz in Can Alfred search the Mac Keychain   
    I have to modify "group 2" to "group 1" to make it work on Mojave
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    gingerbeardman reacted to CJK in Can Alfred search the Mac Keychain   
    AppleScript's "KeyChain Access" is pretty terrible.  However, the kind bloke(s) at Red-Sweater software (maker of FastScripts) have made a scripting addition aptly referred to as the Usable Keychain Scripting
    It allows you to search using whose filters as with other enumerated AppleScript collections, e.g.
    tell application "Usable Keychain Scripting" to tell ¬
            the current keychain to get the ¬
            password of every internet password ¬
            whose name contains "google.com"
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    gingerbeardman reacted to deanishe in Can Alfred search the Mac Keychain   
    URL schemes are poor man's automation used by iOS developers. AppleScript dictionaries is where it's at!
    Unfortunately, Keychain Access doesn't have one of those either
    Realistically, I think your best bet is "generic" AppleScript automation to simulate the input:
    tell application "Keychain Access"
        delay 0.5 -- wait for app to open/activate
        tell application "System Events"
            keystroke "f" using {command down, option down} -- ensure search bar is focussed
            keystroke "my search terms" -- enter search query
        end tell
    end tell
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    gingerbeardman reacted to Bloopsy in Workflow to open two finder windows but also arrange them in a specific way on my screen.   
    Awesome, this works exactly like I wanted it to. Thanks for helping out with this!
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    gingerbeardman reacted to homever in Switch Between audio input and output   
    I liked this workflow, but the popping-up of the System Preference window is somewhat annoying.
    Then I find an alternative, and have been using for quite a long time. 
    see comments below it for better functionality.
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    gingerbeardman got a reaction from gandalfsaxe in Apple Music search with Alfred   
    OK, I fixed my workflows for Alfred 3.
    Search Mac App Store
    Search App Store
    Search iTunes Music Store
    NEW April 2018
    Search Apple Music
    NEW August 2019
    Search by Artist in both Apple Music and iTunes Music Store
    Here they are: https://www.gingerbeardman.com/alfred/
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    gingerbeardman got a reaction from vitor in PinPlus — Interact with your Pinboard bookmarks   
    pa doesn't work for me but the hotkey does still work. Odd, right?
    This means the issue on High Sierra is in the open_gui function, which only calls the run_bookmarklet JavaScript. Which got me thinking... why run one line of ruby, to run another line of ruby, to run some JavaScript? Seems overly complicated.
    So I replaced the ruby script action (which ran open_gui ruby, which ran run_bookmarklet javascript) with an action that runs an osascript JS with the code from run_bookmarklet pasted in directly. Now pa works just fine for me.
    Feel free to include this change in your workflow. I thought about uploading my modified workflow but settled on these screenshots instead.

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    gingerbeardman reacted to dfay in PinPlus — Interact with your Pinboard bookmarks   
    Back to the discussion of why people use Pinboard....because del.icio.us went yahoo and mag.nol.ia had an irrecoverable data loss....
    I started using delicious about 12 years ago when I wanted a way to sync my bookmarks in Opera for win xp with my new iMac.  Switched to Pinboard a couple years later and never looked back.  Even though I’ve been off Windows since 2006 or so I’d never consider leaving now, mostly because of the tag-based organization - vastly preferable to folders for reference materials.
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    gingerbeardman reacted to WyldKard in PinPlus — Interact with your Pinboard bookmarks   
    Installed this workflow and I can use the hotkey to add unread bookmarks fine, and I can search for bookmarks fine also. However, when I use "pa", no window pops up for me to add a regular bookmark. In Safari, Develop -> Allow JavaScript from Apple Events, is checked. Safari is not blocking pop-up windows. What else am I missing?
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    gingerbeardman reacted to Jono in Search Mac AppStore   
    Very useful, thanks!
    Is there any way for it to show the app prices in my own currency (£GBP) instead of $USD?
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    gingerbeardman reacted to paulss in Bluetooth Power Toggle Workflow   
    Turns bluetooth on and off using the keyword tbt.
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    gingerbeardman reacted to smarg19 in Snippets: On-the-fly text expansion   
    Simple, document-specific text snippets
    Version: 1.2
    Download on Packal

    Have you ever been taking notes and realized that certain terms or phrases were going to be used repeatedly? You don't have the time or really the desire to create all new TextExpander snippets for these terms or phrases, but you'd also really like to shorten your typing. That's where Snippets comes in. Snippets is a dead simple Alfred workflow that allows you to use simple snippet syntax while writing, and then seamlessly convert your text to its full glory.
    The set-up is simple. As you're typing, and you realize you want to make a snippet, simply prepend your snippet with ,, (comma comma). Then, when you get a free moment, create a "snippet dictionary" to tell Snippets what that snippet means. To create the dictionary, simply wrap it in ^^^ (triple carets). Here's an example:

    This is an example of ,,sn. ,,sn is a fantastic workflow for ,,a! ^^^ sn: `Snippets` a: Alfred ^^^ That's all there is to it. Once your dictionary is complete and you have finished typing, either copy the text to the clipboard and use the keyword snip, or assign a keyboard shortcut for even quicker results. When you activate Snippets, the text above will instantly become:
    This is an example of `Snippets`. `Snippets` is a fantastic workflow for Alfred! It's so simple. Double-comma before the snippet; dictionary wrapped in triple-carets with snippet: expanded. Nothing more, nothing less.Hope this helps,
    GitHub page: https://github.com/smargh/alfred_snippets
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    gingerbeardman reacted to egla in Just another minimalistic Theme [Light, Dark & El Capitan version] - Now with updated Fonts for El Capitan   
    Hey I made another minimalistic theme, as none fit my wishes really well!
    Minimalistic 3

    Minimalistic 3 Dark Mode

    Minimalistic Light 3

    Minimalistic Dark 3

    Minimalistic 3
    Minimalistic 3 Dark Mode
    Minimalistic Light 3
    Minimalistic Dark 3
    Thanks for the more than 10000 downloads!
    EDIT: Changed the color of the numbers for better readability for Minimalistic Light 3
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    gingerbeardman reacted to Andrew in Clipboard history navigation   
    Clipboard history is one area which will get focus in the future of Alfred, so you can expect some decent improvements
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    gingerbeardman reacted to dirk in Change focus to Body section of front most Compose window in Apple Mail   
    or switch:
    activate application "Mail"
    tell application "System Events"
    tell process "Mail"
    if title of window 1 does not contain "Inbox" then
    if value of attribute "AXFocused" of text field 1 of front window is true then
    set value of attribute "AXFocused" of UI element 1 of scroll area 4 of front window to true
    set value of attribute "AXFocused" of text field 1 of front window to true
    end if
    end if
    end tell
    end tell
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    gingerbeardman reacted to Vero in So How Do I Upgrade from V1?   
    We have just released v2.0.1, which provides an in-app way to import almost all of your settings - and explains why your workflows and themes need to be manually migrated. 
    You can either download it from the homepage (http://www.alfredapp.com/#download) or you can update in-app from the General prefs tab. When you update to v2.0.1, you'll see an "Import settings" button on the General tab. You can select which setting groups you'd like to import, and web searches & clipboard snippets will respect any items you've already manually created in v2.
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    gingerbeardman reacted to Florian in Down for Everyone?   
    I made one like this a little while ago, but with dynamic results:
    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/14050630/Down%20for%20everyone.alfredworkflow   I can't find the original post where I shared it.
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