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  1. Any update on this feature? new release is out but no mention about clipboard size.. 😭
  2. I understand performance implications, but I personally would be more than happy to pay potential performance/battery price in order to achieve longer history. So to circle back to the original question - why can't you add couple of more options - as optional choice (as it is now) before you implement full-scale solution? I believe users can decide themselves whether they are willing to pay performance price or not. In the worst case scenario I can always switch back to the current limit.
  3. Does this mean that 3 months max restriction won't be eliminated ?
  4. I use snippets for most frequently used texts (account number, basic commands that for some reason i don't want to create bash aliases for, etc...). But for time to time (and this happens more than i'd expect), I find myself searching in clipboard some text I know i copied some time ago. This might be some sql script i was working on some time ago, or some shell command.. It's not frequently used 'snippet', its just some text, that now i have to google again. For example couple of months ago I was working a lot with docker so I copied&pasted docker commands a lot. It didn't have value for me to create snippet for docker at that time because it was in my history all the time. But then i switched projects. And now, I occasionally need to exec some command in docker and i know i should have that command somewhere in the clipboard history but it's not there anymore. Now I might create snippet for that text (since apparently I will be using it probably more often), but I don't want to create snippets for such texts in advance.. Another case is that couple of months ago i was working on some sql script. Now i need something similar so I just want to search it in the clipboard history, paste and refactor it. Again - I don't think that this is the case for snipped. I will create snippet for it once i see that I use it too often. But I don't know that in advance.
  5. +1 clipboard history is the most useful feature in alfred for me and 3 months constraint is kind of limiting
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