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  1. Hi there, Maybe I am missing something obvious? I can't see any way to delete a custom web search once it has been created (both Alfred 3 and 4). Am I overlooking something? Many thanks, Steve
  2. Hi there, I'm sure I'm solving this problem the wrong way and missing something obvious. I dragged the URL link for Google Calendar from Chrome to my Applications folder (and renamed it Google Calendar.webloc). I would like to be able to invoke it the same way that I do with other applications in the Applications directory. I can open it by typing open cal or ' cal. But I want to be able to just type cal into Alfred. Being a file, the link is not found if I do that. I've achieved a workaround in a messy way by creating a new type of Web Search query called cal with a URL that makes no reference to {query} but instead always goes to the same place. It's not the right way but I can type ⌘-space cal ↵ to get to my calendar. What would be the better way to do this? Many thanks Steve
  3. Hi Vero, thanks, yes, I tried restarting Chrome and rebooting, though this had no effect.
  4. [Edit: This post was merged from the other thread by this user, as both were on the same topic. - Vero] When I bring up the Alfred input box and start typing a search term I get the usual "Search Google for 'XXX'" dropdown and I hit enter to perform the search. A browser tab opens but the URL is empty (as is the page). This used to happen intermittently and started immediately after upgrading Sierra to High Sierra. Though, over the course of a month, it went from happening 10% of the time to 90% of the time. I had some other problems too: with Alfred, the hotkey activation occasionally was ignored, and other Finder problems of several varieties. I'm using the latest versions of Alfred (version 3.5.1 Build 883) and the latest version of High Sierra. After 3 months of this, my computer was essentially unusable so I did a clean install of Sierra and everything is fine, as well as being noticeably much faster.
  5. Repeatably (today) and occasionally in the past since recently upgrading to High Sierra, when I invoke Alfred and type a term I wish to Google search for, I type the term, the Alfred dropdown shows a single option of "Search google for '<term>'" and then I hit enter. A new Chrome browser window opens but it's blank. Alfred 3.5.1 Build 883, Wednesday 18th October 2017 High Sierra Version 10.13.2
  6. FIX: On the Apple discussion thread, a number of users have reported that disabling Siri solved the problem of the first activation of Spotlight being ignored (https://discussions.apple.com/thread/8148782?start=30&tstart=0) UPDATE: I spoke to soon, my problem is back. It's much infrequent now but I still occasionally get the problem. Bugger. Looks like I'll be switching to alt-space and will retrain my fingers. I've found a solution to this problem. Others have encountered the same issue with High Sierra (in their cases with Spotlight not activating): https://discussions.apple.com/thread/8148782 The suggested solution was to reboot in Safe Mode (hold down Shift while rebooting) and then reboot as normal. It also seems to be advised to run EtreCheck and fix any problems it identifies. It solved my problem. Spotlight reliably starts on first press of cmd-space and I've since disabled that and assigned Alfred the key. All seems good now. Thanks, @iandol, @deanishe, @Andrew
  7. Given that's we've established that this is a MacOS bug unrelated to Alfred, @Andrew, will Alfred be raising this as a bug report with Apple or is there investigative work that you can do to maybe find out why it's happening? And are you able to reproduce the error, or is it just some users? I imagine it must be a subset of Alfred users or this thread would be full of complaints :-) I haven't done a full OS install since Lion so maybe that's related. Perhaps a full HD-wiping OS install would fix it (not that I want to do that).
  8. Thanks, @deanishe, that's good to know. I'm going to change my behaviour. Going forward I will ignore the yearly OS upgrade until it's been out there at least 6-12 months. I never imagined I'd get to the point of distrusting Apple's QA to the point of not being willing to accept its free OS updates. But I guess that's life, eh, and especially in technology, everything has its zenith and then goes into decline. As often as not (in our industry) it's a single individual who is able to assemble teams of high-performers and focus their creative potential in a single direction. Without that person and vision most teams/products/companies go into reasonably rapid decline. I've seen it happen many times. The person at the top really does deserve a lot of credit for the team they assemble and what that team achieves. It's sad to see that Apple's light has faded when they once personified excellence and attention to the smallest detail.
  9. Can confirm cmd-space (Spotlight) dependably doesn't activate when pressed after 10 minutes of not being used.
  10. I can understand the reasoning of wanting to delay installing macOS upgrades but the passwordless root access highlights the importance of installing patches and updates as soon as they are available. You don't know what serious bugs are being fixed. Particularly if people are adhering to responsible disclosure, your High Sierra upgrade might be protecting you from serious security flaws in Sierra... there's no way of knowing (or it might introduce them!). So I take the upgrades when they are suggested, but I pay the price in all the new bugs and problems. It's crazy how a company like Apple, literally the wealthiest in the world, can't sort out basic problems. I've just spent 2 hours chasing a crazy bug where I can't activate Find My Mac because it's reporting a Server not responding error and it's led me in a fruitless chase of needing to update my iCloud details, but I couldn't do that because I was in the wrong country, then I couldn't update the country because my credit card is out of date and then the changes wouldn't stick and would just revert on refresh, then the changes activated some potential fraud detection and I got locked out and had to go through a verification loop.... it just went on and on and on and I still haven't solved my problem! I'm boiling mad and have lost 2 hours to achieve nothing at all. And I can't raise Apple support tickets like a responsible user to report any of the bugs in *their* software because I'm not under warranty. It's appalling customer service. The wealthiest company in the world should allow its users to report bugs free of charge and receive updates on fixes. I'm really getting to despise Apple, but what's the alternative?
  11. I noticed something strange just now. An hour ago I set Alfred to be activated by alt-space and Spotlight to be cmd-space. I went to use Alfred for the first time moments ago since making that change and habitually hit cmd-space. Interestingly, nothing happened, so I hit it again and got Spotlight. So this suggests that MacOS it dropping the first cmd-space hotkey irrespective of what application it activates. I haven't had any problems with Alfred or any other app using hotkeys other than cmd-space so it looks like this is a MacOS bug introduced with High Sierra where the cmd-space hotkey is ignored when it has been pressed for the first time within the last 10 (or so) minutes. MacOS is getting buggier and buggier with every release since Snow Leopard. At least they aren't introducing bugs as serious as allowing root access without a password, for example ;-)
  12. ShiftIt and Steam. I have changed the Alfred hotkey to be alt-space (instead of cmd-space) and, so far, I haven't been able to reproduce the problem. So it looks like it's specifically cmd-space with the last version of MacOs
  13. No, nothing that controls the keyboard. I have ShiftIt installed, which uses multiple hot keys. I will try disabling it.
  14. I'm also having this problem. It started the moment I updated to High Sierra a week ago. Like @iandol, I initially suspected a faulty keyboard but it wasn't that. I have the same conditions of the first hotkey being ignored, but only if Alfred has not been activated in the last 5-10 minutes. I'm using the latest version 3.5.1 Build 883 and I've scrupulously reviewed the keyboard shortcuts in System Preferences to make sure there's no conflict.
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