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  1. Is the workflow working? Running Aflred 4. Added my API token. I get no results for everything.
  2. Here is what I am trying to create: 1. Keyword trigger to filter files located on my Desktop. For example a newly saved Word document. 2. Once found, select. 3. Open a list with predefined contacts (email variables) and choose a contact to email to. 4. Set the subject line to file name. 5. Open mail app and attach the file and auto insert subject line. I can make this happen with Keyboard Maestro. I wonder if this can be done with Alfred without complicated Javascript, which I know nothing about.
  3. This post helped me understand the process as well. Thank you. However, when I type a snippet, say "ssuper" Alfred pastes the actual snippet after "ssuper" It does not replace it in many cases. Edit: Fixed it by going into snippet setting and slowing down the key event.
  4. How do you import 1.4.2 into Alfred? Changing extension in the info does not work. While waiting for a reply, a simple solution is to add a file filer workflow with search scope limited to "~/Library/Metadata/com.devon-technologies.think3"
  5. +1 That is the only things that TextExpander has going for it.
  6. How do I create a workflow that will pass multiple commands to the terminal with a pause in between? I am trying to simulate the following: Open terminal ssh nuc@ Insert password Press return to submit password I tried the following workflow: keywords to open a terminal and enter ssh nuc@ && sleep 2 && password && yes Alfred ends up entering everything as a single line
  7. +1 Please add CMD+D to duplicate a snippet in the snippet editor window.
  8. Is there a way to achieve "March 28" rather than "March 28, 2017" date snippet? I just need the full name of the month without the year.
  9. All of the scripts assume that I need to find a file before doing something to it. What I need is to tell Alfred to simply duplicate a specific file. I do not need to search for it as it is the same file every time. Scenario: I need to write a report. 1. Trigger Alfred 2. type: "newreport" 3. Alfred Duplicates my "Report Template" pages document and reveals it in Finder. 4. I give the report a name and open the report.
  10. This script adds an Alfred menu when browsing files. Is there anyway to add a specific keyword to manipulate a specific file rather than navigate folders to find the file via Alfred?
  11. Can someone please help me create a workflow: 1. Duplicate specific finder file (Pages document - no need to search) 2. Open or reveal the copy of the file I can't figure this out. Alfred has file filters or opening a specific file but not manipulating specific file.
  12. Hotkey -->> Run JS script That is all I have.
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