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  1. This I know. I was under the impression that this formula can be included into "Arg and Var" utility somehow to do the calculation inside the workflow. Or this is only possible with a script? Not sure what I am doing here with a script though,.
  2. Where specifically in the Argument and Variables Utility should I enter the math formula? "=round({query}/10)"
  3. Can you please show a screenshot where exactly to add the math formula to "Arg and Vars" as the link is dead?
  4. @deanishe Thank you for the script. It works. Any idea why when the new content is pasted, there is a new line at the bottom whereas the original content does not have a new line?
  5. There is a space after “He “ and “She “
  6. They are the same as the notes. Replace He with She Replace Mr with Ms I am using basic string replace.
  7. "If you post some sample input and the expected output, sure." @deanishe Are the examples (i.e., Mr. to Ms.) in the screenshots not clear?
  8. Came here looking to answers about fill-in snippets. I tried various approach and Alfred is not suited for form based fill-in snippets. Typinator works best for this. I was for a moment thinking of decreasing the number of apps that I use and sticking with Alfred and Keyboard Maestro but it looks like I can't drop Typinator.
  9. How can I have Alfred do a basic calculation? 1. Input Keyword variable 2. round({query}/10) 3. Output to {query}
  10. What is a simple workflow that I can use to trigger keyboard shortcut to copy FirstName LastName and change it to LastName, FIrstName? I think that this can somehow be done with Transform Modifiers but I can't figure out how they work yet. Another option is to use RegEx to Find "([\w\.\-]+)\h+([\w\.\-]+)(.*)" and replace with "$2, $1"
  11. I need a simple workflow to copy text -> use RegEx to replace various text within the clipboard content and paste it back. My current workflow is to simply create a bunch of linked find and replace utility arguments inside Alfred. I am not sure if this is the best approach compared to a simple Javascript that includes a list of variables to replace. I don't know Java or any other programming language but sample Javascript looks simple enough to modify if someone can provide it.
  12. @Mpco Keyword trigger has a bump in-between. Something is not right. Entering a keyword with "search argument" does not pass the "search argument" to "dnt" script filter. It just triggers it. I then have to enter the search keyword once dnt is triggered.
  13. Almost there. Instead of using a hotkey, what is best way to setup keyword as trigger? For example, for my notes search, I want to setup "nt" keyword input + sear argument will result in searching for the argument in a specific database?
  14. What is the script that I can use to enter a keyword and have Alfred search within a pre-defined database?
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