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    piggah reacted to vitor in CalmNotifications — Toggle Do Not Disturb   
    Call dnd to toggle Do Not Disturb.

    Download | Source
    If on a macOS version pre-Big Sur, download an older version.
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    piggah reacted to nikivi in Awesome Lists - Search GitHub Awesome lists   
    Awesome Lists
    This workflow lets you search for any awesome list on GitHub. The awesome lists searched can be found here.
    For more information, on how you can use the workflow, you can read the GitHub readme.
    In the future I want to make it so that you can go inside each of the awesome lists and view the links of all awesome lists inside Alfred. But this is a bit challenging I found so I am going to try it on Learn Anything Curated Lists first as they follow a very similar structure and I can use that to my advantage.
    Hope you like it. 
    Code | Download
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    piggah reacted to deanishe in VPN Connection Manager   
    @piggah Download the latest version of the workflow. The issue is fixed.
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    piggah got a reaction from nikivi in Learn Anything - Search Learn Anything Website   
    Nice, I noticed the voting buttons. I will try to start contributing to some of the topics I am knowledgeable of. I think I already found your slack. It's a great jumping off point. Usually the first place you go when you want to learn something new is, of course, Google, maybe wikipedia depending. I would love to see something community-style like this really catch on. To have a literal map to get started in what can be really complex subjects is great. I might be biased because I got hooked on mindnode myself recently. I've been playing with the workflow today and it's really fun just popping in different things that come to mind. 
    edit: im also using your download folder cleaning workflow. i love that one
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