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  1. @Andrew @Vero Thank you guys so much. This is exactly what I wanted. You make it looks so simple but trust me, if you're not a programmer, that little bit of code could take me days to try and work out. Thanks again. Dominic
  2. I've added the email.. You bring up a good point there as well. Is it possible for me to one day change my powerpack email as I'm phasing out my use of that email address with all my services?
  3. I can make a simple simple query to open a browser and load a page, but how can I enter multiple arguments separated by a space or a comma to open multiple tabs with those arguments? For instance I can easily make a single workflow as follows: "Stock" -> aapl -> http://www.google.com/finance?q={query} and that inserts "aapl" in the {query} area and returns the correct page. What I want to do is: "Stock" -> aapl, amzn, fb, sfix -> and that send the URL command 4 times, each with a a different query so that I have four open tabs, each showing the dif
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