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  1. Thanks, i actually contacted the author and got an answer via DM. You can close that topic
  2. I wanted a workflow to add reminders. the one called "Reminders for Alfred 3" is quite popular but I'm thinking of using one called "Apple Reminders" It's a workflow divided into 4 steps 1- add the name of the reminder 2- add a date 3- add a time 4- add a list If you just press return, then there is no date, no time and it goes to the default list These actions are made in a static sequence Now most of the time I add a reminder to a specific list, but do not necessarily want to set up a time and date So the idea is to relocate the action "add a list" in the second position of this sequence in order to get something like 1- add the name of the reminder 3- add a list and type (3)enter, (4)enter In the screenshot below, the variable to choose a list is highlighted in blue. I want to place this action before the date. Is that possible? I tried right-clicking but i'm not quite sure what to choose afterward. i'm not even sure this is something that can be done without digging into the code. Thanks for your help
  3. Not sure why anyone would actually use that theme, but I had fun getting inspired by Windows' BSOD
  4. Yeh, those solutions are good, but a bit confusing. I think adding an extra layer showing up installed workflows would be a bit clearer. Anyways, I think I should get into developing workflows myself some days
  5. EDIT below: screencast of the bug Hello everyone, I discovered this great workflow a couple of days ago. Moving files and performing actions work great I do have an issue though. Out of curiosity, I tried to unmove a file back to the desktop. it correctly disappeared from the drawer folder but was nowhere to be seen afterward. - it was not on my desktop - it was not in the trash - it was not indexed by Alfred or Spotlight It just disappeared completely! I tried unlinking the desktop from the iCloud sync, thinking this might have caused a problem. And I tried again. I got the same result. I should add that I did not modify the path of the drawer folder, just invoking it with a custom command ('dsk' instead of 'drawer') that's about it. Is this unmoving a file working on your side? Edit : The unmoved file goes to Alfred's preferences, in a directory where the actual workflow is located See a short screencast below :
  6. Oh my ! this is good !!! thanks a lot
  7. Hello, Maybe I missed something, but here is what I would love to see. Problem As I have several workflows installed, it gets more and more difficult to master them all. I simply do not remember all the possibilities offered by each of them. I always feel like I am missing lots of useful features. Suggested solution I believe it would be nice if Alfred could auto-build up a help feature for those workflows that I have customized and installed. How ? I'm thinking about typing a keyword like "workflows" in order to get a list of all the workflows that I have installed. When selecting one (eg. workflows > Advanced Google Maps Search ), I would have a condensed help section with all commands available (eg. keyword one=> description of the feature, keyword two=> description of the feature, keyword three => description of the feature etc...) Ideally, it would be smart enough to understand when I changed a default keyword to a custom one Implications I am not a developer but this probably implies that workflow authors agree on a specific document that Alfred would automatically retrieve whenever the user types the initial keyword (workflows) Now maybe there is a workflow to master all other workflows like that. I don't know. If I missed something, let me know
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