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  1. Yes, I have tried many times, but it does not work。
  2. I think your doubts are correct. I add 'Sublime Text' to the exclude list , it do not auto expand as expect. Is there any solution to this situation?
  3. Env: Alfred : v3.5.1[883] InteliJ IDEA Ultimate : 2017.3.1 Build #IU-173.3942.27 macOS High Sierra: 10.13.2 I start to use snippets today. It make a greate improvement of efficiency when autoexpand switch on. But I do not expect snippets autoexpand everywhere. So I add some apps to the exclude list. Such as Intelli IDEA Ultimate And my Snippets config : But when I input `:textexpand` in IDEA, it auto expand to 'test auto expand in IDEA'
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