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  1. No, the workflow or service (in High Sierra) is assigning inverted values. As I said before, if I give Priority (!!) 1 to a task, the workflow assigns !!4 to it and thats what should be corrected You can see it here: Screen Recorded Sorry for the delay of the response.
  2. Thanks for the quick response! I'm just only adding a task (By the way, I'm seaching a Screen Protector for my FitBit). About the behavior, the normal as usual, if you declare !!1 then !!1, not !!4 to guess that is !!1 I'll wait anxious
  3. Hi @Martien Oranje! Well I have an issue with the workflow since I upgrade to High Sierra 10.13.2, this is the debug message, I think is the same: [2018-01-05 10:18:03][input.scriptfilter] Queuing argument 'Buscar lamina proctectora FitBit #Personal !!1 , today' [2018-01-05 10:18:04][input.scriptfilter] Script with argument '(null)' finished [2018-01-05 10:18:04][input.scriptfilter] {"items":[{"title":"Create new task - Buscar lamina proctectora FitBit","uid":"todoist_create_task","arg":"{\"labels\":[],\"priority\":\"1\",\"project\":\"Personal\",\"date\":\"today\",\"task\":\"Buscar lamina
  4. Hi guys! Is there a chance to pause the timer, or add something similar to the workflow? (For the people that's interrupted 4 o 6 times in an hour) Thanks in advance!
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