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  1. Thanks @vitor the revised code works perfect (executes in the same window) 😀
  2. Thanks @vitor one small request - how do I go to the destination in the same/current window (instead of opening a new window) Perhaps it could default to same window, while executing the workflow with ⌘+Enter open in a new window.
  3. This would make for workflow that anyone could reuse for various use cases (similar to the default Alfred Web Search) Workflow Logic: 1) Copy front browser url (automatically) 2) Append copied url to predetermined url 3) Open appended url into current browser window Use Cases: Annotate Current Webpage https://via.hypothes.is/{frontmost-browser-url} WaybackMachine Search https://web.archive.org/web/*/{frontmost-browser-url}
  4. What's the likelihood of this feature being added @vitor? We should be able to call or text a contact - this seem like such a basic feature for Alfred.
  5. @Vinay W I figured out how to add Brave Private Window with Tor functionality - I exported it for your review (I also fixed a few typos and modified some of the descriptive text) - Your thoughts? https://share.getcloudapp.com/6qu5gpnv
  6. Hi @Vinay W - consider adding a "Keyword" trigger and support for Brave Private Window with Tor (if this is possible)
  7. This looks good - I especially like that your workflow supports Brave Browser
  8. Hi @vitor using a modifier would be cool as long as the user can define phone action: ↵ do tel:// and ⌘↵ do sms:// or ↵ do sms:// and ⌘↵ do tel://
  9. My apologies for he delay in response - I did not realize I was not receiving forum email notification. I already have Brave set as my default email reader:
  10. If possible, I would suggest changing the Contact: Custom Action "Phone" field to "Home, Work, and Mobile" - adding the additional selections would enable users the ability to utilize the URL Schemes to trigger a call or text message: Home ‪— tel://{query} Work ‪— tel://{query} Mobile — sms://{query} ‬ Currently users can only either activate a Facetime call or a text via Messages. The ability to do both would be awesome 😀
  11. I expected selecting "Use Gmail to compose mail" work all any email initiated from Alfred's Contact feature would be passed to Gmail (via the default browser). Instead, Alfred uses the Mail app. I'm far from a coder, but I expect passing the email address via the following Gmail URL syntax would resolve the issue: https://mail.google.com/mail/?view=cm&fs=1&tf=1&source=mailto&to=EMAILADDRESS
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