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  1. Wow, thanks @dfay! I'll give this a shot, quick question, do you happen to have a video tutorial of how this integrates (I've never created or done any Alfred custom workflows before.) Or is it pretty easy to put into play? Also, just curious... What did you use to auto-generate those forms? That sounds like a pretty great idea, ha.
  2. Hi all, I write a lot of email, and would prefer to use a template to send snippets of email text. I love the Alfred "bar" where you can input whatever shortcut to get to somewhere. My question is, is there a way to trigger the bar, but instead of choosing from files / custom actions / etc., it shows a list of text templates in the drop-down I've configured? I use aText sometimes, but honestly, it's hard to remember all of the small shortcut names I've given it, and also it's pretty bad UX for something like. Thanks!
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